Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lunch with Jen, Hailey and Emily

We met at our usual lunch spot and were lead to our usual booth at the end. Jennifer has lost all the baby fat and she trained and recently ran a half marathon as well. This is a very busy and energetic family although I can't say they got any of that from me.

Hailey takes dance lessons and gymnastics and plays soccer too.

Emily is such a happy, easy-going little girl
and Hailey still loves lemons but I kinda think this one was a little tart. I also eat lots of lemons and maybe she got this from me
Emily prefers peaches
Aren't they the cutest granddaughter and little great grandchildren ever?


Linda G. said...

It is wonderful that you, your granddaughter and great granddaughters have this tradition of getting together on a regular basis for lunch. What beautiful grandchildren you have! The little ones are getting so big!

Joan said...

So nice to see pictures of them .. I didn't know Jennifer ran marathons..Nice ! Our daughter Bevera has run a couple of half marathons but is going to try the full one in October -- (I think it is ) 26 miles.... Whew! The sweet great grandchildren are sure growing ..

Snowbrush said...

Hailey’s eyes are so beautiful. They are much like Jen’s, but very different from Emily’s (I love both of the girls’ names). I suppose that as Emily gets older that her eyes will change in the direction of her sis and her mom. I often study the eyes of people in antique photos and am often struck that women’s eyes look quiet and reflective compared to which men’s eyes look boyish, confident, outgoing, and ready for work. There seems to a maturity about women’s eyes that I don’t usually see in men’s, but I try not to take my interpretation of the appearance of either gender’s eyes as indicative of reality. You might know somewhat of the philosopher Schopenhauer who wasn’t keen on women (probably because he had been rejected by the ones he was interested in). I can’t find that quote, but in it he compares the eyes of women to the eyes of cows. I think cows have beautiful eyes, but Schopenhauer never wrote anything positive about women, so he saw their beautiful eyes as indicative of what he believed to their deceitful natures. He had so much of good to say except when he got on the subject of women in which case his thoughts were reminiscent of the fable about the fox (I think it was a fox) talking hatefully about the grapes that he wanted but couldn’t reach.