Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My mom and her sisters

It's a tattered old picture and i tried to colour it up a bit, don't know if i made it better or worse but i'll tackle it again when i have more PS experience.
Mom is the shorty in the middle and they are standing in order of age youngest to oldest. Left to right Shari; Dayle; Edith; Linnea and Leona

Mom is about 20 in this pic. Nobody knows who the child
is so we think maybe mom was babysitting. The original pic
is in front of a licenced premises, probably the Yahk Hotel. 
Funny place to pose for a picture but it probably was the most impressive building in town back then. Well, still is....i've been to Yahk and back...
I placed them in front of a farmhouse and should have put mountains or at least trees in the distance but sometimes Photoshop dosn't co-operate.
So, a slightly sloping house it'll be for now.


Lalala said...

Your Mom looked sweet!

Lorraina said...

Yeahhh, sweet, thanks Lalala. Mom died far too young, at age 59.

Lorraina said...

Yes; it was very sad. I was just 28 when she passed away and 30 when my dad died after a massive stroke.

My mom had a lot of health issues, most of which were undiagnosed at the time. We know now or at least think jthat she had allsorts of types of Arthritis, PBC, Sjogrens, Reynauds and Lupus. Arthritis was rampant in her family, her sister Shari died of Lupus and i have PBC.

The Medical world still denies that PBC is familial,inherited or envoiromental. But alot of us who have this disease have a close relative diagnosed with it or who have all the symptoms.

At the time mom died there were no meds for PBC anyway but there is now and theoretically it keeps us level.

Lalala said...

Yes it's amazing how far the medical technology has come. I don't know anyone who has PBC other than you, glad that the medicine is keeping it under control. Because we like you and want you to be around FOREVER!!

Lorraina said...

awww thanks Lalala; i will try and stick around forever.
PBC is kind of rare but most Drs. know about it now and an escalating number of people are being diagnosed every day; mostly women, a few men and even a few kids now.
If you are ever feeling tired all the time, with or without itching anywhere on your body please ask your Dr. for a complete liver panel of blood tests.
Early diagnoses is very important for a good outcome.