Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Took my brother home part 10

entering Hope again as our big circle started here. Now i'll get the scenery on the opposite side
The jagged peak is Mt. Slesse which is 8002' tall. Its a cemetery since a plane crashed into it in 1956 killing all 62 souls on board. 
It can be breath taking but also can look rather ominous.
For some reason i dream of it occasionally.
back into the Fraser Valley
This is our exit. I feel happy and relieved that we successfully and respectfully took Leonard home.
My bro is scattered hither and yon in a dozen beautiful mountain locations. R.I.P. Len.

And look who was waiting and so happy to see us



Anonymous said...

Bob is a member of a motorcycle club. One of its members wanted his ashes scattered all over the world. When the man died, his wife put his ashes in several ziplock bags and mailed the bags all over the world to other motorcycle club members. The man's ashes were scattered in several countries. My husband participated in the scattering of ashes in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Lorraina said...

ohhhh what a great idea; now he can ride the world forever and i think thats super.

Bob and i discussed what we'd want and he said his ashes in one of those crypts in a cemetery,
up somewhere high and dry.
Well, i said i'd like to be scattered over Molikini, the little tip of a dormant volcano just off Maui and he just about flipped out.

So his nose was all out of joint over it and hearing that i didn't necessarily need to be with him seems like it hurt his feelings a lot.

So we quit talking about it with nothing settled but he probably thinks i've backed down and will be with him in his crypt.

We've always been opposites; how we stayed married all this time is a mystery except that i know i've comprimised more than he

He zigs when i zag; when he wants red i want blue; he hates the water while i love it and some of the happiest days of my life were spent on Maui snuba diving Molikini....always opposite in every way; he worked on his tan while i was biking down the volcano and taking helicopter trips, swimming with the dolphins and sight seeing so shouldn't have expected this decision would fall into place easily.

Lalala said...


Bunnym said...

You are an awesome sister and I know your brother thinks the same...Beautiful...just beautiful!


Lorraina said...

awww thanks Bunny, that was so nice of you to say. No, i don't really feel that i was an awesome sister; i just knew what should be done and that it was all up to me. Frankly it was hard staying on track some of the time with so much going on.