Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nancy Grace fan?

OMG! this woman drives me so crazy! But......its fascinating watching her and her dramatics, don't you agree? I just cannot NOT watch her.

Yesterdays show was extremely horrific and sad. It was re 5 yr. old Shaniya in N. Carolina who was found dead after being missing for about a week.

On the show Nancy was particularily active and livid with her antics; angrily bawling out Ray Judichay or whatever his name is along with the rest of her panel. I mean the woman actually gets really really mad at the people on the panel; really really mad, and then she goes into her speil (speal? speel?) comparing her children with whatever child is being spoken of. ok i'm doing bad grammar and probably spelling too. And sentence and paragraph structure but i'm trying to condense.

Anyhow, at one point she went off the deep end re: the mother re: what her daughter was wearing when she went missing. The mother was a little vague, and Nancy quickly snatched the opportunity to tell us exactly what John David and little Lucy were wearing when she left them in the morning.

Are you sick and tired of hearing her constantly change the subject to HER kids? Its kinda amazing that its so predictable you can see it coming. And i always wonder why does she do that? I'll answer that question - because its HER show? oops thats another question.

I mean at least half of the time shes comparing her 2 yr olds with older kids, sometimes much, much older kids. And so, it dosn't even make any sense at all, especially with her knowing this would be a question asked. Nancys no dummy, she comes prepared for things like this.

And then someone phones in with a really good question and Nancy cuts them off to have a commercial. She's done that so many times to pitch her book also. Its maddening.

Alternately she asks a member of the panel a question but when they try to respond she goes "Whhhooaaa, whoooaoao, whhhhoooa" to repeat what the person said, and then accept what they said using slightly different words.....omg! its so trying because often the person then dosn't get a chance to finish because they're now behind schedule and shes gotta cut him off for another commercial!

And then we get to see the most recent photos of Nancys cheer us up?

Whatever. She is one mean lady with a lot of fans who love and respect her. Sometimes its hard to understand, guess i just don't get her. But i watch anyway, just to see her put on her kindness cap and hear her gently say "goodnight friend"

Well, the subject matter was extremely hard and stressful to hear and watch and you know i'm not minimizing that. Just needed to get crabby ol' Nancy off my chest.

Goodnight friends.


Lalala said...

haha, some people say that about judge Judy too.

Lorraina said...

My hubby actually loves Judy. I can't imagine why because he dosn't like my bitching, shouting and calling names and stuff. I am soooo over her.

Lalala said...

Maybe you need to wear a judge's rope to bed for your hubby.

Gosh, I hope no one from adult DVD industry saw this comment.