Sunday, June 13, 2010

My garden June 13, 2010

Its been almost a month since i put up pics of my yard and garden! Things got away on me yet again and my intentions to keep the growing season updated and current fell by the wayside (blame photoshop)

When i look out the window i see a sea of mostly green now; it's really a spring garden.
However, walking around i noticed a few things of interest so i ran and got the camera.
Yeah right; i ran, lol.....
Anyhow hope you enjoy my many shades of green.  First from the deck, then going down the stairs is the Kalmia. Its a nice plant and grows well here in only morning sun.   Rarely do i ever catch it at its best but this is close.  It's habit is to throw out new growth and always have some early bird flowers dying at its peak time.

Arn't the flower buds cute?

Then i spotted this little white Siberian iris

Red Japanese maple, Rosa Glauca, Lathyrus Latifolius and the Chionanthus/Fringe tree

Here is Lamium but strangely it has decided to move into the neighbours yard and very little is left on our side of the fence now. I say strangely because our side at least has a little sun; their side dosn't get any. And it used to cover the ground and pathways in that area totally.
Who knows why plants leave home? Maybe, like kids it'll come home again....maybe like kids even a few times!  I won't mind because its much prettier than weeds and as you can see it smothers everything in its path. Here its taking over the neighbours old stump.

Poor neglected Rosa. I think her name is the Countess of something or somewhere.
Beautiful fluffy flowers in several shades of red to burgundy but never very many. They're not fragrant and its a sloppy plant.

Next is the thornless climber "Amadis"

My favourite old fashioned species Rosa Glauca. Its blue/gray foliage is nice from afar and in the fall it has beautiful orange/red hips that the birds love. The flowers are simple, and thats the kind of flowers i love the best. About 8' tall and a problem free plant. Self sown seedlings come true making it my number one fav. of all garden plants

This is the blue flowered perennial sweet pea or Lathyrus Latifolius

Chionanthus or Fringe tree is also known as old mans beard. Its about 20' tall but very spindly this year.  The Golden sunburst Locust is also kind of spindly this year.... don't know whats going on with these two....