Monday, August 16, 2010

Crispy fried salt chicken

I cooked again!  Yayyy but unfortunately maybe not as well as my friend Lalala; check out her original recipe for Yan Suji chicken here:

Uhhh, how do you do that link thing where you just type here and its clickable......?

Ok well, i did my best cuz this recipe sounded and Lalalas pics look soooo good.

Warning: some of you know i am somewhat of a klutz in the kitchen.....

I was a little scared as i've still been experiencing difficulties with some foods, chicken included.
(over-reactive taste buds)  I've found though that small pieces or parts of chicken are ok while 1/2 chicken breast or larger is not.  I can't even deal with the smell of it cooking here at home or in restaurants. It has something to do with the density of the amino acids in a large piece. So anyway, this recipe was for drumsticks so that was great, so far.

BTW, i noticed Lalalas 5 drumsticks cost her a whopping $2.22
The same 5 cost me closer to $5.....whats that all about......!

First step - i marinated overnight in soy sauce, minced onion, granulated garlic, red chili pepper and sugar. I didn't have the 5 spice powder so skipped that ingredient.

Step 2 - tossed in the flour and let them air dry in the fridge.
Maybe i started to mess up right about here. Were they supposed to be air drying on a rack? I just had them on a plate.....they didn't really get very dryish.....

Step 3 - pan seared in a little oil
Step 4 - roasted in a 400º oven for about 40 minutes

Pretty good so far eh?

This is where i mess up royally cuz i remember we have some sea salt....oh yum, i can hardly wait, the thought is making my mouth drool....

Now, Lalala didn't say to use sea salt. That was my own little touch. I  never remember to stop adding my own little touch!
And it probably would have been real yummy if it was a reg. fine grind sea salt. Or normal salt. But it wasn't and i happily proceeded anyway.

Step 5 - Toss in salt and pepper.

Here is my finished version. Looks a little burned but thats ok and kind of normal for me. But the salt. Oh dear, dam the salt. Salty. Way. Too. Much. Salt. Coarse. Sea. Salt.
You can see it and know that it had to be rubbed off and that action also rubbed off the skin.

But then i enjoyed my Yan Suji all by myself.  Yayyyy, a good way for me to get it all!

OK all kid'n aside, it was really good and i'll make it again with regular salt, less too.
But for next time Lalala, i need to know how come yours looks so scrumptous and sort of dryish while mine looks sort of greasy and that made the salt easy to adhere. 
Should it be patted dry or left to cool for a while before tossing in the salt and pepper?
I think some of the salt melted into the hot chicken. Lalalas salt is visible on her chicken yet so yummy looking, unlike mine. How did you do that?

Anyone up for making this recipe?  Use Lalalas recipe, not mine. And show pics please.

Now, i'll go and have my 9th glass of water.........


Lalala said...

Hahaha an over reactive taste bud is better than an over reactive butt!!
I use Kosher salt.... but I think yours look excellent!! Mine was carefully selected out of many (I mean MANY) photos, so maybe I picked ones that are photogenic.
I am very impressed by your cooking, and your willingness to make things. That is the best compliment you could give my blog, and the best gift you can give yourself!! Thanks for making my day, I am so smiley!

Lorraina said...

Oh dear, Lalala are you suffering from the dreaded summertime over reactive butt? My sympathies. i think if you eat some cheese it'll help or maybe an apple will bring your smiley face back. i never get that problem so not real clear on how to fix.

Thank you for being impressed with my cooking but how can one go wrong with your recipes? i know mine didn't look nearly as good as yours but it was easy and sure did taste good so thats the main thing.
Thanks for your great instructions and pictures!