Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pavel's 15

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Pavel
happy birthday to you.
Pavel Petunia Blue is 15 years old today. He spent most of it sleeping just like it was any old day. Here's another shot and dosn't he look young here
Really kittenish isn't he?  Not bad for 15
and here's his big foot.........yowsers Patty........!

Pavel is doing well and is such a joy to us.  I cannot imagine a life without him around.
Here's a quote from Jean Cocteau:

"I love cats because i love my home and after a while they become it's visible soul"

Yes, that's so true; Pavel is the heart and soul of our home. He is so loving and beautiful and content to be ours.  He has grace and power and mysticism even when he sleeps. I know that when he's gone his absence and silence will be overbearing.

And unfortunately that time creeps nearer as another year adds up. Cats can live into the twenties, and we did have one who almost made that. Will Pavel have another 5 years with us? 
He seems healthy although he sleeps most of the time.  Well, what else is there for him to do? He dosn't go outside, no need to hunt for food....he does get up once in a while to find another spot to crash in. And he loves to find a sunbeam to relax in but sunbeams don't happen every day. He also loves to watch car commercials. And he loves snuggles and thats what we do best. 

Nighty night now Pavel; i know you're tired and bored with the posing but lol! do you have to look so crabby! C'mon, a little smile......pleeze.............


Lalala said...

He likes car commercials? haha, that's cute.

Happy Birthday, little Pavel!

Lorraina said...

Yes he absolutely loves the car commercials and then watches whatever comes on next, but only for a few seconds and he's bored and gone. It's strange and i don't know why cars would attract him so much; he sure hates riding in one! I've actually wondered if theres something going on that we don't see or hear, like you know how dogs can hear things that we can't. But why would car companies even want to attract a cat audience....such crazy thoughts from a cats mom....

Lorraina said...

oops, hit post too soon. Thanks Lalala from Pavel for the birthday greeting!

Susan said...

He's gorgeous ! Does he know about Don Estoboro's blog - the big, black Dominican cat ?

Lorraina said...

Thanks for dropping in and the compliment Susan. We checked out the blog you mentioned; cute pics of a tres hunky feline but couldn't fathom the eengleesh much.

Kate on Clinton said...

What a ward! (High praise for cats in my household.) Thank you for that wonderful Cocteau quote.
(I'm loving the music from your art blog as I write this!)

Lorraina said...

Thanks Kate. Funny i've been thinking of changing or at least adding to my playlist and just havent had the time. I took a quick peek at your blog but will have to go back as it looks like i'm far behind and you have some new awesome pics on there.

A Plain Observer said...

you okay overthere? you have never taken this long of a break. Just want to make sure you are okay and to tell you that you are remembered in the blogland

Lorraina said...

Thanks so much for your concern Myriam. Somethings wrong with blogger or my 'puter; i can't comment on anyones blog; it keeps saying i'm not a member of their team or something as well as i can't upload on my own blogs with IE so i've just been doing my daily art blog piece with google chrome which nobody comments on so don't know if they;re getting the same run around. I don't know how to get around with GC except to get here by googling my name; have no fav's or bookmarks; no home; no address bar. I tried several times to comment on the things you talked about; your name - lol! you have a beautiful name - you should see what's at youtube for my name, omg!its so embarrassing and something else that i forget just now that i wanted to add my 2 cents to.
As soon as the grandson comes over i'll get him to work on my 'puter and get me back to normal.