Monday, November 15, 2010

Pavel and the paparazzi

What part of i want to be left alone don't you understand
Hiding from the paparazzi
Hiding out in Paris
Going in disguise; dam paparazzi!
Is she gone yet?


A Plain Observer said...

This is so great!!! I love every picture but the one in Paris, that wins it for me!

Lorraina said...

Thanks Myrium. I think he looks so conceited in the first pic and the way his face/nose is of out of joint in the Heidi Klum hair one cracked me up. My dh thinks i'm a nut to waste my time doing such "art" but i do get some chuckles alone here in my room.

Lorraina said...

Myriam....thats Myriam. Sorry i spelled your name wrong Myriam. Couldn't find out how to fix it properly. I usually read over and try to catch mistakes, noticed it as soon as i hit go.

Lalala said...

Hahahahahahhaha! Happy Thanksgiving to your family.