Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow on the mountains, warm and sunny in Surrey, B.C.

So many beautiful scenes on my way home from White Rock today but so few places to be able to stop and take pictures.  These are from the Mudd Bay flats.
I was dismayed to find the one of Mt. Baker didn't turn out. The red plants are probably blueberries. A pond with ducks is on the other side of the road but there was too much traffic to go for it.


Anonymous said...

I wish there had been a place for you to pull off. The picture of the mountain in the background in the first picture looks so awesome.

A Plain Observer said...

we dont have snow on top of the mountains, but there and everywhere.
Nice pictures

Lorraina said...

Thanks ladies! Most of the ride back from there is freeway but i took a little shortcut which turned out to have road construction going on and was able to pull over because of that. Of course locals know where to go to get better pics but i was already late for a hair cut apt. Always in a hurry for some reason but one of these days i'll go out especially for the photo opts.I'd love to show off the majestic Mt. Baker in its winter awesomeness which is in the state of WA but beautifully visible from this same area.

Lalala said...

Very pretty pictures!