Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy St.Valentines day!

I sometimes stick a page into the gutter to hold my spot and some books require several pages or the double treatment.  The first pic I took had misc. junque in the background so added a piece of red cardstock and got the reflection and shadow instead.

When I emptied the camera I found these pics of a sunset that i had taken a couple weeks ago and had forgotten they were still in the camera.Crappy pics but they were so tiny i had to enlarge quite a bit.

This is the view of the Alex Fraser Bridge that we get from our sunroom and there’s nothing but sunset here. So was i surprised when i saw the next one.....

Same sunset but several orbs and trails in the sky, some far away and others barely visible

This one came right up close. I cropped the bottom off the pic and it wasn’t right in the corner like that; it was more like a third of the way up from the bottom. I wondered if there was any news about orbs so googled and found out they’re quite plentiful. There’s people who can actually see them with the naked eye while most merely catch them in some of their pictures.

Some say orbs are caused by the cameras flash or maybe a strange phenomenon of dust or mist or bugs or pollen but all of those kinds of theories have been proven wrong.
Others believe they’re human souls or ghosts floating around.
Some of the google pics show large groups of them congregating or socializing.
What are they? Where do they come from?

Well, i believe everyone can believe whatever they want.  There’s been several times in my life when I was saved by an unknown energy from definite calamity and who knows; maybe it was my guardian angel in the form of an orb. There was one time in particular when a very strong force pushed and guided me into safety and i know it wasn't just chance or coincidence but what we call a miracle.  So who or what helped me? Sounds nutsy but maybe it was an orb.  I think they’re always around, just because they aren't often seen doesn’t mean they're not there and ready to help. Guardian angels, thats a good explanation and the one i'll go with.

What do you believe?


The Blog Fodder said...

I have had some pictures covered with orbs and thought it was just dust on my lens or in the air. I'll have to pay more attention now. They were mostly in pictures taken inside barns in the FSU. My Irish antecedents would agree about the orbs being ghosts or spirits

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Re Tilex Fresh Shower, not sure I can buy it in Ukraine or what name it will go by but will sure look for it. this morning Tanya was using the toilet duck cleaner to shine up a cooking pot and clean a stain off the counter. Must be powerful stuff.

Lalala said...

Guardian angel definitely looks after you.