Monday, October 31, 2011

I've heard of the dog days of summer but c'mon it's fall now

I’ve been making crappy art all day, trying to soothe myself i guess for wasting a few bucks at the casino two nights in a row. When i got fed up with my lack of talent i went around checking out some art sites and also searched eBay to see if there was anything interesting and there wasn’t.

So i played my Zelda game and still can’t get any more than 3 or 4 minutes playtime before getting killed off and i’m sick and tired of having to start again with those same boring stupid big spiders which actually are easy to kill or even just run by but then the intensity picks up real fast when the pig-like things come marching through the forest shooting arrows that are fatal all the while running as fast as i can past the landmines while getting bombed by an unseen vessel offshore. I know there's a place nearby to get my life restored but so far havent been able to find it again; where's a kid or a grandkid when you need one? The music i once loved is starting to annoy the crap outta me now. It seems this game is a cheap knock-off from 1995, not 84 and at first i thought it was exactly the same but now i think the music is cheap and tinny and the game is wayyy harder, not to mention the cord is just inches too short to be able to lean back on the bed to play and so my back gets buggered and tired real fast. Oh woe is me.

So i did some blog hopping and see that everybody else has interesting lives with tons of stuff going on while i am sad and bored outta my gourd. One difference the past few days has been my phone ringing a lot and i can see on the call display it’s WA state calling and OMG, what does a person have to do or say to get rid of car salespeople? I’ve politely asked and that quickly evolved into rudely asking them to take me off their call list and when that didn’t work i tried just not answering the call but that only left them to try again…..and again...early the next morning before i’m even awake! All because of an ad i saw on tv that said they’ll tell me what people really pay for a new car….Since it was an American ad that didn’t accept Canucks i thought with our dollar being close to par i’d just sneak in with a fake address and zip code and find out some valuable info, just in case it’s needed. But their form also required a phone number and i wouldn’t get an answer without one so dummy ol me because i didn’t know offhand an area code for WA went and put in my real number and now i can’t get rid of them; all 99,861 car salespeople in WA state have called, some twice or more and the best answer they could provide me was $400. less than the sticker price and i don’t believe that for a new car. What a waste; do they think i’m stupid? Don’t answer that!

So i went to Michaels site to enter their contest and found a lengthy form to fill in just in case i win. First problemo was entering my postal code on a form that’s obviously meant for the U.S. as it says zone and therefore won’t let me enter my postal code so i left that blank. Then wasted a lot of time trying to read the info needed re the number of my most recent purchase as well as the number of the store and the sales person on the sales slip because apparently they were almost out of ink when it was my turn but the real problem was entering the date of purchase and it gave an example of 05/25/5555 and so i entered 10/30/2011 exactly as shown on my receipt and it kept being rejected saying WRONG FORMAT, please enter the date correctly! By then i had already written a glowing account of the tidyness of their store and their wonderful products and their friendly helpful salespeople just in case that might help me win the prize so you could say yeah, i was ticked off, because it was all for nothing and i had to finally just X outta there like a dog with my tail between my legs which is very similar to the walk of shame in a casino when you have to get your $ from an ATM instead of a slot machine.


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