Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Movie review: Chernobyl Diaries

Guess i should have checked it out before spending my money to see this movie. Maybe expected it to be more like a documentary....so in i went despite seeing the warnings of horror and terror; hell, i can do a little of that but it failed miserably on all accounts except loudness, but then that's par for the course at all movies now-a-days.
I arrived a little early to ensure getting a seat in the back row as i know from experience of being alone in a scary movie i'll always hear spooky noises behind me and that does freak me out a little. The back row also has extra leg room and as it turned out only a handful of people came and half of them left after a while.
The actors were unknown to me; their characters shallow and their acting lousy but the setting was unmistakable once this bunch arrived in the city where most of the employees of the reactor plant had lived. Most of these characters apparently didn't know anything about what happened there but here they were on a cheap extreme tour of the place in a dilapitated old van with a strange tour guide. I know there's legit tours there now, but who would want to go if you knew that the radiation is so heavy it'll last 400 years and it's been only 26 years since the disaster happened. Not only that but what about consideration and respect for all the people who died there. It's a very interesting premise but documentary style would have been better on all accounts.
There's bloopers galore like when one of the girls fell in the river she was completely soaked but  moments later she was dry again but who can count bloopers when the activities on screen are so loud and stupid; the "scary"ending is especially extra silly and totally unbelievable.  The atmosphere of the place did look authentic to me so my rating is a 3 out of 10.  I enjoy reading of Elenas travels and seeing her pictures better at  http://www.kiddofspeed.com/chapter1.html


The Blog Fodder said...

Never heard of the movie but the reality of the horrors that were and are Chernobyl are documented in the Museum in Kyiv. No one knows how many people died from it as doctors were instructed to falsify their reports. and they may still be doing so, I don't know.

Lorraina said...

The movie is just a cheap money-maker for someone who spent a million to make it and has gained 8times that already within the past week from unsuspecting movie go'ers like me.
Here is a report from Greenpeace 2006 claiming the full consequences of the disaster could be a quarter of a million cancer cases and nearly 100,000 fatal cancers. I think Elena claims everyone who went outside to look at the shiny pink cloud that day died very soon after and i believe her but maybe we'll never know the truth.