Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June lunch with Jen and Hailey

Not the best of the pics i took of my grandaughter Jennifer and great grandaughter Hailey but the only ones that survived. Somehow half of the pics were deleted. I knew i shouldn't be messing with them when i was tired but i did and now i know what not to do ever again!

Hailey gets a brand new box of crayons

maybe Haileys baby needs to eat a crayon?

Great grandma thinks i should play her Ipad slot game

Or a crossword puzzle?

But i'd rather colour

Don't bother me when i'm creating

Concentrating on my art

My masterpiece is done

Thinking of trying a lemon

Home James.........uh, mommy


Linda G. said...

That is a cute picture of Jen and Hailey; glad it survived! You shared a wonderful set of pictures of Hailey. How old is your great granddaughter now?

Lorraina said...

Thanks Linda. Hailey is about 22 mths old now and curious of every thing...I had such cute pics of her taste testing a lemon slice and then getting over it and the next minute enchanted by the ceiling fan. I will NEVER again click on the camera to ok the removal the pics once they've gone on to the computer. Things can go terribly wrong after midnight.

Joan said...

So nice to see how she has grown--Such a little sweet heart!

Lorraina said...

Thanks for the visit Joan and the comment.