Saturday, August 2, 2014

Being a tourist in my own town

Harbour Princess lunch tour up the Indian Arm

Leaving the harbour

Bye Vancouver

Passing my old friend the ms Zuiderdam

ms Zuiderdam and Grand Princess


Bye Vancouver

North Vancouver

Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

Blue meets blue meets blue
and up the Indian Arm we go
To Silver Falls


McBarge from Expo 86

Heading back to Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

Back to Vancouver
Big red bus at the train station


Snowbrush said...

Lovely photos--thanks.

Lorraina said...

Thanks Snowbrush for the visit.

A Plain Observer said...

one of my favorite things is to be on a boat and feel the wind in my face.
That is some colorful bus you got there!

Lorraina said...

That was one of the great thing about it; lots of wind was pushing us around.
The bus is a HOHO bus (hop on hop off) whenever you want to at any location. It was educational about the vicinity and you got off the bus to walk around. If it was gone when you looked back there'd be another coming any second that you be able to hop on it. It's a great way to learn your city.