Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 7 We're going home

We are headed south. This is some of todays events and misc. things on the ship that i missed placing in their right spots. I hope you enjoyed seeing bits of my Alaska cruise.

It looks like a teeny weeny island there on the left side. I don't think it was a boat.

 4 laps around the ship = 1 mile

 a little blurry but the best overview of it. Popular place to sit and look out, have a drink, read or play games. At night it becomes a night club with live music and dancing
 We played a 20 question trivia game about Alaska and won Alaska pins.
Enjoyed the Mariners luncheon. Dined with a Dr. and his wife who have travelled all over the world. The Drs. fav thing is to learn the language of the places he goes. He learned enough of each to be able to have a conversation with the locals in many different languages. My kudo's to him!
 Muhammad Ali
 Paintings in the ships art gallery

 Looks just like the girl who plays the violin with Jeff the piano man.

 Iggy Pop
 This was very large, very different and unusual. I liked it
 A tiled wall at the Lido entrance
 The Lido
 The only hot rod i saw in Alaska. 50' or 51' Chevy i think in Ketchikan
 large wall murals
 My first bloody mary. It was awful, couldn't drink it but i did eat the olives and they were hot.
 Several big berry pies and cobblers at the bbq's
 a lonely casino

 The sky deck
 our fav bar

 Last night in the dining room. The chefs and waiters paraded around
 The long way home
 Last towel animal
 Looks pretty bleak out there. Millions of little islands everywhere.
 Back at Canada Place
 Bye ms Zaandam, it was lovely travelling with you.

Thanks for looking at my Alaska cruise!

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