Thursday, February 1, 2018

Jan 14 Groove for St. Jude day

Slept in a little later today as it’s a sea day, thank goodness as i need to get some rest. Ate breakfast in the Lido then went out by the pool where there was a very large gathering to raise money for St. Jude’s Hospital. Carnival Cruise lines supports the hospital every year and today Lee the cruise director offered to shave his head if a certain level of donations were raised. If it failed then he would wax his chest publicly for a smaller amount. The captain also agreed to dive into the pool if a certain amount was raised and some other crew members joined him. We all bought St. Jude t-shirts to support the cause and some passengers were very generous. The total amount raised today was $10,364.00.  It wasn’t enough to see Lee shave his head but he did wax his legs and armpits. It was way too hot and crowded for me at this point so I went into the cooler ac ship for the art auction. I saw some awesome art on display but couldn’t stick around because it was way too cold in there. Go figure. I will never be happy i guess. dropped by the guest services to see if Sabrina’s lost ankle bracelet had been found and turned in but it wasn’t so i walked around some more until lunchtime and then pigged out on Virginia ham, molasses mashed sweet potato and strawberry froyo. I then met the kids to make a team playing 80’s trivia in which i had no answers but Corinne got some. Cruise trivia is very hard and for some strange reason I like that about it!  A magician then taught us some awesome card tricks which my daughter picked up easily but i couldn’t remember all the steps involved.

The casino was open all day being it was a sea day and so i played my new favourite game of four poker hands in one and It was interesting but i didn’t win much on them. Maybe it was because i liked the option of being able to play a side game to double your win. We don’t get that option at home and it’s a good thing because i wasn’t very good at it. I watched a guy doing it and it was uncanny how he seemed to win most of the time. I should probably stick with the regular games but the smoking in there has really gotten to me and i don’t appreciate the headache it gives me. I returned to our cabin and the girls had just arrived back as well so we got ready for the formal evening dinner. I had a bowl of cold strawberry soup, some sort of mushrooms, a mixed salad, lobster and prawns and baked Alaska and everything was delicious. We played some more in the casino then turned in as we have an early excursion in the morning.


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