Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where's Willy?

It's been a long time since one of these bills has come into my hands so i brought it home rather than stick it into another slot machine. Hope it's ok to scan and upload money.
I went to the Where's Willy site and found i was still registered as of 2004 when i found my last one.
I entered the info to find out where my twenty had been and this is what i found:

The URL of this page is:

For the curious - you can track any bill even if it dosn't have a where's willy or where's george stamp by entering the serial number. If somebody else has made a report then you'll get the info.

You can click on the google map there and it shows how far my twenty travelled.
In kms. 3672 = 2281.68 miles and that's also how far my son-in-law came to join our family. A lot happens in that distance; different language, way of life and so on. It's sort of silly but also interesting to get the scoop on your $ 
I read that the most travelled and reported Canadian twenty dollar bills have on average 11 entries.

I guess i was supposed to enter the condition of the bill. Its in good shape although it's folded in 3 different places. I believe these folds are made by riding in folding wallets and some get so sharply folded or worn down at the crease they're a slot machine players nightmare. This bill is ok though, the folds are soft and it has a long life of travels yet.

American money check:

Canadian twenties have Queen Elizabeth on them so hope you have fun Liz and a safe journey. Hope to hear more about your travels.


A Plain Observer said...

I never heard of tracking money, it is almost like putting a note in a bottle and throwing it at to sea. Interesting.

I fold my bills in three. I am bad with money. I fold it and put in a pocket and usually I pleasantly surprised to find it has not traveled far from my own possession. What a feeling! especially if I am looking for money for coffee

Anonymous said...

Thanks lorraine for talking about my bill in your blog. We Williers are a bit maniacs, stamping or writing all bills that get in our hands hoping we'll get hits far away. I've start marking my bills in 2004. Since then, I got hits in all provinces except Saskatchewan and one in Nunavut. We all love to read comments from people who picked up our bills and this is the best I had so far. :)

Lorraina said...

Thanks for commenting JBT. Yes tracking money is interesting and fun, try it! Register your own bills and track where they go.

When i was a kid i spent summers at a nearby lake and did the note in a bottle thing there. I was thrilled when someone found it on the other side of the lake! Lol, it was a very small lake.

My mom used to fold her bills in half even though she didn't put them in a wallet; just in the bottom of her purse. She said it made it easier to count....i don't get that.

I never fold mine; they go into the purse flat out, right side up, the queens heads all facing the same dh thinks i have some kind of $ disorder.

Lalala said...

interesting. never heard of this before!!

Lorraina said...

Bonjour & merci bien Anon; comment allez-vous?
Thanx for the visit and comment.
I'll set this Willy free asap and watch for more always.
Vit une vie a succes, mon ami!

Lorraina said...

Hey Lalala be on the lookout for George as theres lots of them out there.
Just out of curiosity how do you carry your $
Folded? flat out?
I find that when i'm in the U.S. i end up with tons of dollar bills; is it the same with you?

Anonymous said...

BTW Lorraina,I just want to tell you that "Willy, the Mrs and Kids" bills got hit 234 times just in Delta B.C. So I,m pretty lucky that my bill came to your hands ;)

Lalala said...

Lorraina, I carry my bills in flat but my wallet is folded.... I've never paid attention to my bills but now I will!!!

PS. I always end up with lots of Canadian $1.... I think people just do that with foreign bills!! LOL.

Lorraina said...

Wow Anonymous, that is an amazing lot of hits!
Thanks for the post.

Lalala, our dollar is a coin; the Loonie; and our $2. is also a coin, the Toonie.
The smallest paper bill is $5.

When we pay for things in the U.S. such as a $2. or $3. item and pass the cashier a $10. the change always consists of a lot of singles. I was just wondering, don't think i've even seen a it rare in some states?

Somehow always end up a U.S. visit with a thick wad of ones. I have to get the hang of using them. I guess we remember to pay with loonies and toonies because otherwise they get too darn heavy.