Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sting and pain of bursitis

Bursitis or inflamation of the soft tissue around the muscles and bones usually arises after an injury such as a fall or in this case as a result of unaccustomed overuse of the shoulder joint or shoulder muscles. Or old age. Or both.

Pain is the result and the usual treatment is rest. So, no cleaning, no cooking and no unnecessary use. Today the hubster offered to cook and he wanted no help or suggestions. I let him have at it and he made us a delicious dinner which consisted of rice, noodles and potatoes swimming in Paul Newman’s own Marinara sauce. It was a culinary delight of ingredients that I never would have thought of combining and probably never will get to uhhh …enjoy… again.

I started wondering about those stinging ol’ blue eyes as I dined and so googled him to find out today is the third anniversary of his death. RIP Paul. RIP rice, noodles and potatoes all at once. RIP bursitis.

And then Nancy Grace danced across my screen. Will this day never end?

“It's always darkest before it turns absolutely pitch black.”
Paul Newman
                                The Sting                                          

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