Thursday, November 8, 2012

My grandaughter Jennifer and great grandaughter Hailey

Isn't Hailey the sweetest little thing you've ever seen

The proud mama my grandaughter Jennifer

Sunbeam Hailey at 52 days old
Dig the cool hat too.

now, admit it.....she IS the sweetest little thing you've ever seen!


Anonymous said...

She is sooo sweet and wearing such a beautiful little hat and Mama looks so proud too and beautiful!!

Lorraina said...

Exactly my sentiments too! Thanks for the visit and comments.

Snowbrush said...

"Isn't Hailey the sweetest little thing you've ever seen"

She's definitely in the running. Why is it that we all start out so beautiful, and then lose a little more of that beauty with every passing year?

Lorraina said...

Well, speak for yourself Snow, not "we" lol, and jus' kid'in cuz i know whatcha mean; the innocent are always sweet and beautiful and then they learn the ways of the world and it dims even the hardiest. But none of mine, lol.