Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hawaii day 15 and it's time to go home

Made a pot of complimentary Kona coffee and cinnamon buns hot from

the microwave for breakfast and now at 10:30a.m. relaxing and enjoying

this rad condo until the very last minute when we must leave at 12 noon.

Our flight home isn't until 10 p.m. tonight, yikes, whatever will we do

with 10 hours and nowhere to nap or to call home. Whoever made these

stupid arrangements kinda sucks; oh yeah, it was moi, note to self; don't

ever do this again..... 

 So off to visit the Fort DeRussy Army museum next door to learn more 

of the history of Oahu and to look at pics and artifacts and read and see

the info. Videos were playing here and there, even a Disney Donald Duck

version. Too bad we saw only old folk in there who already knew more or

less what happened here; the young 'uns are surfing and playing volleyball

on the beach and that's ok, i guess they already know. I find the refreshing

of memory and history to be always gut wrenching but valuable as it makes

one appreciate it more i think. It breaks my heart knowing what happened

here on this beautiful island but i don't want to ever forget it either.  

Fort DeRussy Park from our condo

Pearl Harbor

We then walked west down the beach the opposite way and found a

cool place to have lunch outside (why does the chicken in Hawaii 

taste so much better than anywhere else? Prior to this my best chicken

was from the General Store in Paia, Maui) Fed some of

the birds that came to our table even though the sign said not to but

one was a friendly semi-invalid who needed to rest often; he had a

wing a little of of whack so who wouldn't? A huge soft ice cream cone

topped me off then we looped back through Fort DeRussy Park and 

spent some time sitting in the cool shade of a beautiful big ol' tree.

What to do now and it's only 4p.m. and 6 hours until we fly and Bob

doesn't want to get on a bus, especially one with a free trip to Hilo

Hattie's lol,, although i suggested it as a way to at least kill some time and so

 i could check out her neighbourhood.

i surprised a little gecko on a big plant, well actually he surprised me

we sat awhile under a big shade tree in Fort DeRussy Park

Back at Starbucks in the Reef i ordered a salty caramel mocha and was given

hot coffee; aww sheesh, my mistake i forgot to say Frappacino again but it

was good so not really complaining; note to self - make sure to always say

Frappacino or you'll get it hot dammit!

Vacation is almost over....7:45 p.m. and we are waiting at our gate already

and it feels like a sauna in here. A sign says this is a WiFi zone and again i

can't get on it; how the heck do people figure this out. Pop-ups of strange

sounding sites that i've never even heard of like Shaka or something and

they want my password? Then there's pop ups with games and then up pops

Visa and Mastercard etc. saying i should pay which i didn't expect; i thought

WiFi was supposed to be free. Ok, so much for this WiFi stuff, IPad 2 is way

 beyond me and it's sort of stressful because i see people all over the place

looking all comfy and in the know using them but i won't bother them to ask,

after all they're on vacation and i can wait until we get home and back on the

desktop. Do IPads or phones even get virus'es? I'll have to take the time to

learn all this before we go to Hawaii again which hopefully won't be too far

off because it's just the most awesome place to be.

Aloha everyone and mahalo for reading!


Linda G. said...

I have been away from blogging and reading others' blogs for a while. I will not be able to catch up on everyone's blog posts; however, I am going to do my best to read / skim through your Hawaii posts. Oh, how I want to go back to Hawaii. This last day of vacation that you wrote about, it sounds like it was a mighty long day. I know you hated to leave but what beautiful memories you took with you.

Please note that I have a new blog. The address is

Lorraina said...

Hi Linda, thanks for the visit and comment. I tried to get into your new wordpress address but i'd have to get an account and pw just to visit there so i didn't do it.....were you aware of this? love to see what you've got there...

A Plain Observer said...

nothing is free at the airport, I've learned. Hawaii has never interested me, but it seems to be a gorgeous place albeit it can feel like a walking sauna.
Seems you had a great time and yes, say franpuccino (or whatever the word is)

Lorraina said...

Thanks for the visit Observer. I must correct this about the sauna effect - the only place it felt like that was in that lineup at the airport; the rest of Hawaii isn't like that; quite the opposite and thats one reason why i love it so much - there's always a cooling ocean breeze no matter where you are in Hawaii. And it's summertime year round and only 5 hrs away....