Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hawaii day 12

Woke up this morning in Honolulu, in a temporary berth for the day
and we'll move a little way overnight tonight to our final landing place.
600 people including us will depart tomorrow and new people will
arrive to take our place and then the ship will sail away to Australia.

Oahu "the Gathering Place" is the 3rd largest Hawaiian Island with a
population of close to a million. An additional 5 million people arrive
each year to visit Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head and most
stay in accommodations at Waikiki and so will we but first a day to
spend hanging out around the Aloha Tower.

I love Honolulu and this area is new to us and interesting to see. We got
off and walked and shopped and talked and the heat and humidity got to
us quite quickly.Didn't buy anything as we all know things will be less
expensive at the International Marketplace tomorrow once we get to
Waikiki tomorrow.

Aloha Tower

The Pride of America nearby

reflection on a building

We were back on the ship by lunchtime and i had a chicken burger
and frozen chocolate yogurt then up to our cabin. I remembered
we're not allowed to take food off the ship and here we have an open
16oz. bag of macadamia nuts sitting on our table. Well they are so
good but @ 200 calories per oz. i think our cabin steward should get
fat instead of us. We got ready for our last dinner on the Spirit and it
was hard to say mahalo and goodbye to everyone in the dining room
after 12 days onboard and getting to know them. I had a cream of
peach soup and pasta and a southern pecan pie for dessert.

Don and Jan left the ship a day early so they could start their 5 day
stay at their Waikiki timeshare which is close to Jake and Myrts
timeshare while ours is several blocks away. We may run into them
in the next few days otherwise we've exchanged email addys and we
may meet one day for dinner in Bellingham, Wa or maybe we should
make it more fair and meet in Mt. Vernon which would be just over
an hours drive for all of us coming from different directions. After
dinner Myrt and Jake went to pack as their luggage has to be out by
11p.m. to be picked up. We decided to handle our own bags and
self-disembark which means we can get off anytime we want so no
rush for us tonight. We went to an old movie/tv trivia game where the
hostess showed pics and asked 40 questions. I wrote down ONE answer
and it was wrong! My brain has become soft on this cruise and it was
too hard to think fast. Myrt and Jake caught up to us and we all went to
the Versailles Lounge to watch a movie which we left after 5 mins; we
were all too tired to relax in an action movie so we said goodnight, and

Last towel art

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