Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hawaii Cruise day 2

After a miserable night of little sleep because of not being used to a hard

mattress and foam pillow (thought of bringing my pillow but was afraid of

running out of space for our flight home) I was a little crabby and even though I had agreed to suddenly

become an early riser to match the hubby and the rest of the worlds agenda

 it was difficult without having enough rest and as well I was cold all night

because the air conditioner wouldn't turn off no matter what i did it just kept

running. Several people suggested propping the sundeck door open because

that will automatically shut the AC down but when we tried that it didn't. Little

did we know at the time but this means the AC is malfunctioning and eventually

it became a big problem in the form of water soaking the carpet which took days

to then dry out with a huge noisy fan.

We decided to try breakfast in the dining room mainly to find out if it

was worth it or if it was better to just use the buffet in the Lido. It took

a long time but we enjoyed the company of a nice young couple fom Calgary,

Alberta while we waited, and waited to be served. Finally got an itsy bittsy teeny

weeny wittle waffle with a bit of banana in a caramel sauce as well as a pot of

strawberry sauce on the side (what a crazy combo) while hubby gorged on a

2 " sq. of omelette. We'll eat in the buffet for breakfast and lunch, the land of

plenty from this day forth....

Next a walk around the ship and then a $20. stop in the casino for a little poker

resulted in a $500. win for me with 4 Aces, wonder how long they think it'll

take 'em to get it back......they gonna be surprised!

The jungle walk, a very long,colourful and fun hallway

We investigated every sq. inch of the forward decks on every floor and

didn't find a crows nest lounge, not to say there isn't one, we just didn't

find it. This ship has a very different design than the HAL ships we were

on and is much easier to find your way around. Maybe it's a different size;

the Spirit is 963' long,carries 2680 passengers and 961 crew members.

Theres tons of fabulous artworks on this ship, i think they all must; but of

course they do because they sell  some of 'em, but I also mean the stationary

art painted on walls and in the public lounges and restrooms, framed on

walls, and in the wallpaper; just art in general everywhere even in the

staterooms and hallways and all pretty awesome.

The Pharoahs Palace showroom is Eygptian themed and you can see it on the

walls and cornices,huge statues,drapery,carpeting and even the upholstery

throughout the room and unfortunately it seems i didn't click a pic of it. 

What would the world or a ship be without the art!

The scene below was magnificent in size; it rose on the wall from the Atrium

up several floors where it ended at the top of the ship basking in the sunlight.

It depicted stories of daydreaming, at least that's what i saw in it but really

couldn't get more picture because of it's sheer size and the varying light.
Lunchtime found me at a bar looking to purchase a diet coke ticket like

we got on Holland America for $18. Alas, with inflation 2 or 3 yrs later the

ticket is now an unbelievable $74. So I decided against even tho I know

i'll suffer for not having it! and my ethics, I'll bitch and complain

and make do with the scarcity of free or reasonably priced beverages but

no way in hell I'll pay that price, and believe it or not pretty sure she said

this bargain will not be available after today so grab the deal while it's

there, I just thought bullshit and retreated with my glass of recycled tepid

water while spazzing out with Coke withdrawal symptoms.Eventually Bob

returned to our cabin while I sought more winnings in the casino but wasn't

there long enough because the smokers drove me out. There were a few spots

for non smoking here and there amongst the penny machines but the Game

Kings are not one of them and being as they consisted of 8 machines all in a

row against a wall i very quickly had a headache and outta there lickity split

but not before I lost $40. Dam! pretty sure I woulda had the royal flush in my

pocket too!
Already we've had a time change, put the clock back an hour and soon there'll

be another one or two, can never get the time of day right on a cruise!

Tonight will be the Big Brother finale and i do so want to see it but it's

iffy if not impossible on cruise tv, i hope for Ian to win, Danielle 2nd place,

please God, don't let it be Dan! Also Survivor starts and even though it's being

 pvr'ed at home i was hoping to see it live here in the middle of the Pacific and

willing to miss the formal dinner night and meeting the captain for it.

Right now the ocean is whizzing by @ 16 knots and we

are heading into a cold,windy, dark, grey, very big ocean. I thought it would be

getting warmer as we went but guess i thought wrong. What to do until dinner

time.....guess I should go shopping, maybe i'll find some cheaper water

or pop somewhere on this ship......

My honey

 Good nite

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