Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hawaii day 8

Day 8
Woke up early to see Kauai in the near distance and took some pics as it
got nearer. Kauai is the Garden Isle and is the oldest island in the Hawaiian
chain with sharp mountain spires, beautiful jagged peaks and emerald valleys.

Slept and woke off and on as parallel parking a ship is a noisy big deal
apparently. This is not the prettiest dock in the islands but a very busy
one, hustle and bustle and lots of activity all over and our room just
above the dock.

For brekkie i had raisin bran with mango yogurt instead of milk; this
was my first having seen Jan fix hers this way, probably old hat to
everyone but new to me and i loved it.Topped it off with a sticky bun and
coffee then walked off the ship and took the shuttle to a shopping area

where i was torn this way and that unable to choose which piece of
jewelry i liked best, which "change color in the sun"
nail polish was prettiest, ditto the change color t-shirts and i couldn't
even pick out a cute little outfit or dress or toy for my new
great-granddaughter Hailey so ended up with nada.

Bobs gone bananas

Near where we shopped

Surfers Kauai

Leaving Kauai

The show last night was vocalist/trumpeter Nicole Sasser flown in from
Florida to entertain us and that she did, awesome is all I can say,
she was great effortly moving from song to trumpet without a hitch or even a
breath to be seen.

Tonights show is going to be "The Big Easy" and I know it will
be great entertainment so we'll go to bingo early, get good seats and just
stay put for the show. There's a murder mystery game going on as well as
the art auctions this afternoon and legends auditions. Bob should try out to be
Elvis but he won't, thank gawd because while he can carry a tune he forgets
the words and doesn't hesitate to make up ones that absolutely make no sense,
there's jigsaw puzzles to be done in a bizarre strangely darkened area, books to
be read, pics to be taken,souveniers and artto be purchased, food to be eaten and
much more but i'm powering down already and really should go to the laundromat
or send a sack to the laundry, omg,what a hard life.

When we came back to our cabin last night we found the wet spot on our
carpet, water from who knows where, has grown and is getting deeper. Today
our boy Jason set up a big fan set up to dry it but no measures that we know of
have been taken to find out from whence it comes. Meanwhile we want to rest
so turned the fan off further slowing the process but will of course turn it back
on when we leave the room again.

Midnight and we're back from dinner,show, casino and the Lido for a little
snack. Left Nawiliwili, Kauai just as we're going down to dinner and I notice
this is a pattern that happens often; always miss sail away and haven't seen
a sunset yet because we're always in the dining room eating and our table is
not at a window. Tonight was elegant Hawaii night and those who had Hawaiian
clothes wore it and leis or a flower in the hair and tomorrow we'll be back
to casual Hawaiian or whatever as usual. My starter tonight was a delicious
cold bing cherry soup and a seafood plate,garnished with one blueberry yet
again. We've all laughed about the one blueberry garnish many times. My
main course was a whitefish and baked Alaska for desert.

The Big Easy was advertised as being the best show on any cruise ship and I
 believe it was; totally awesome Las Vegas style show with all the talent,
costumes and absolutely marvelous sets. It was so good I remember thinking this
makes up for the food being not as good as it shoulda throughout this cruise;
breakfasts sorta sucked as did most lunches and a couple dinners or
at least parts thereof, as well as our wet carpet and the smoky casino too.
Having said that we'd consider another Carnival cruise again!
Tomorrow we'll go back to the Big Island and Hilo, the capitol of the State
of Hawaii for the day. Right now we are travelling at 20 knots, OMG. That is
fast, so much faster than 18 knots, it almost made me sick when i stepped
out onto the balcony, one quick look at 2 bright stars in the sky and i
jumped back into our soggy room real quick.

quack quack

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