Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hawaii cruise Day 5

I think it's day 5.....losing track of time, think it's Sept 21 and
Pavel Petunia Blue has been dead for a month. What can i say,
my heart aches and i'll never recover from losing him and here i sit
by a big sunny window eating a toasted turkey sandwich watching a
sapphire blue ocean passing by me below thinking of him and
missing him like crazy. Earlier we breakfasted then played bingo and
poker where i got 4 jacks so still doing good that way.

Did i say this already - our ship has now left the Alaska cruise and
other north American ports for good and this trip from Vancouver to
Hawaii is the Spirits last cruise before it will be repositioned with
Australia as its homebase. The Spirit is the first Carnival ship ever to
be based outside of N. America.Some say that's the first step to the
graveyard for a ship but this gal is just 11 years old and has lots of
cruises in her yet. In fact earlier this year she went into dry dock and
underwent a 3 million dollar reno; got a new thriller slide called the
Green Thunder, a new Serenity deck, new bar-b-que, electrical
sockets have been changed since we boarded as well as a new latch on
all the doors and even all new slots except the Game Kings which i
guess will also be replaced with the new modern version after we get
off. I'm so glad i was able to play these old machines as they are my #1
favourites and are now becoming rare. Some of the staff will stay,
most will be moving to other ships. Captains also move around to
other ships all the time and i believe our captain is. They'll be sailing
between Australia, Hawaii,Bora Bora, Tasmania,Vanuatu and other
places in the waters around Australia. Lots of Aussies are on our ship
having flown to Vancouver to sail home and more have flown to
Honolulu to get on and take over our cabin #4204 and cruise back
down under when we fly home. Some fortunate people have
been onboard for Alaska and Hawaii and will sail on to Australia.



The lame slide

get drenched

The power drencher

Casino time....indecision plagues me sometimes, but not when i play poker.
If dealt a pair of kings and a pair of queens or jacks for example I am super
swift in my decision to choose just one of the pairs, hit the button, accept what
comes up and move on to the next hand. I never hold two pair hoping for a full
house because it rarely or never develops that way and it destroys your chances
of getting 4 of a kind. My husband is indecisive and he lingers and wonders and
thinks and it drives me nuts sitting by him as i feel the machine has time to
spare and makes sure to not deal him whatever it is he needs.Just hit the
button already before it has time to think and/or auto correct. But i do realize
that's probably crazy cuz machines don't really think.
Last night he was playing deuces wild and when he was dealt 3 deuces he sat
back thinking and hoping and pondering and dramatizing on it forever and of
course by the time he hit the bloody thing that 4th deuce was long gone back
into the deck. It made me feel crazy cuz i just KNOW if it's hit instantly the
other deuce would have been there for $500.
but try s'plaining that theory to him,uh uhhh.....

G'nite mate


Anonymous said...

Love to try the slide and really like the towel "creatures !"

Lorraina said...

The monster slide was absolutely terrifying but the yellow one less so. The towel animals are a nice arty thing to find on the bed when you return to your room each night and always with a piece of chocolate too.