Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jan 10, St. Thomas USVI

Before arriving in Virginia, the 1607 Jamestown settlers stopped off in St. Thomas to stock up on supplies, making the island a popular shopping destination ever since

I awoke this morning to hear that an earthquake had happened somewhere near here and the news came from my other daughter back home in Vancouver. Apparently she heard of it while she was at work and of course worried about her daughter and her twin sister here with me she started texting. Sabrina awoke at 4 a.m. to hear the news of a possible tsunami coming our way. Young people are so attuned to their phone beeping a text that they jump right up even from a deep sleep. Needless to say we were concerned but decided to wait for our captains info and to hear if we were in any danger before freaking out.
About 8 a.m. he made the announcement over the p.a. He said there had been a major quake in the ocean but there was no tsunami warning and that everything was fine, thank goodness! Later in the day i talked with a lady who said she had noticed a lot of big irregular waves at 3 a.m. but she didn’t really think anything much about it.

After a Lido breakfast we returned to our cabin so the girls could get ready to visit and shop in St. Thomas. I decided not to go once i saw the longggg wharf that one had to traverse on a very warm Caribbean morning. I always imagine and even plan to visit every port but then when it’s there i sometimes back down full of excuses; too far to walk, too hot, too tired, sore feet, burning hips, bad back, yadda yadda and i decide it would be too much for me. I will make the 4 excursions that i’ve already paid for and hoping that the bus or a small shuttle will be able to drive down and pick us up right at the ship.

I watched to see the girls debark so i could get the pic then went to the piano bar where i had a lovely conversation with a Floridian lady in a motorized scooter who cruises a lot with her hubby. When i first began cruising the scooters, walkers and wheelchairs were left in the hallway outside passengers cabins. Sometime soon afterwards i guess most ships redesigned some cabins and enlarged the doorways to let them be able to drive in and park right inside some of the cabins. That must have been a huge improvement for a lot of people inc. the cleaning crew. Elevators are larger now as well and plentiful on most cruise ships. Tv’s are now wall mounted on a swivel and all the little expensive alcoholic beverages that used to be in the fridges are gone and the fridge is now available for people to put their sodas or beer or whatever they choose in there. Overall space seems smaller but well thought out to maximize the space. In our cabin number 8249 we have two single beds and a sofa bed. There’s 3 closets, one of which is full of cruise gear and it holds our life jackets, extra mattress pad and bedding as well as a couple shelves and a small safe for valuables. There’s a little table with a small padded bench to sit on to style our hair or eat at or whatever and a nice long dresser tabletop as well as a large mirror with an electrical outlet on both sides for our phones, IPad, cameras and curling iron, and a hard wired hair dryer is in the drawer. There’s two small upper shelves and 3 large drawers and a medium size cubby hole storage box thing as well. In reading my description it doesn’t really sound like much but it’s actually plenty of space for 3 women with a lot of stuff. In the teenie tiny bathroom there’s a fairly big shower but absolutely no where to keep much in the way of make up and stuff like they used to have in the past. Now there’s the sink with nowhere to put anything other than small glass shelves for toothbrush’es and paste, 3 glasses for 3 people and a bar of soap. We kept our toiletries in an over the door shoe organizer thingy that i picked up at the drugstore for cheap and it has enough pockets in it to each organize all our hair stuff, make up, shower and misc items with some pockets actually left over and empty. It would have worked better if it could have been hung over the inside of the bathroom door however the door wouldn’t close when we tried it there so we put it over a closet door right outside the bathroom where our pockets of stuff could be reached from the bthrm. Strangely the walls of our cabin were covered with some sort of paper or maybe paint or whatever and it prevented us from using all the magnetic hooks we had brought. There’s a laundromat just a few steps away from our cabin with 6 washers and dryers. They all are operated by injecting the cabin key into the slot and of course it’s for a fee which i do not know but that’s ok because it isn’t a mile away like it was on my previous cruise ship. We are in a very convenient location very close to the elevators which take us directly down to the shops and casino, as well as up to the Lido buffet on another floor and for when we go to events and debark. Shows etc. that are farther away we sometimes use an elevator that’s far away and that means when we get back to our deck we have the longggg hallway to walk down to our door.


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