Friday, December 6, 2019

Oct. 29, 2019 The day to say goodbye

I was coughing all night and there was times when i couldn't get my breath. It was scary but i know what it means. I've had pneumonia on a cruise before, back in 2014 or 15 as well as 2 or 3 times it's reared it's ugly head immediately after i got home from a cruise.

I'm pretty sure i've got it again. I feel miserable and weak, my body aches from head to toe, i have a headache and i'm tired. When i cough there's no phlem....can't remember if that's good or bad, whatever, i feel like hell.

Yesterday as well as today workers have been working on the ship and i know as most passengers do that this isn't right. When a ship is on it's way to dry dock they shouldn't be jumping the gun and start working while there's still passengers onboard. But they do; i guess they're ordered to and unfortunately for me they're ripping out the old carpet in my hallway and laying new carpets with dust and smelly glue fumes lingering in the air. I wonder if that's what's making me sick. Another possibility is that while i thought the hall carpets looked in great shape apparently one of the issues is that there's mold around the edges caused by the showers leaking and they're all located against the wall beside the hallways. They've probably erroneously thought that people arn't in their rooms and they can get a jump start on the job. Yesterday i had encountered a work squad in the lobby by the elevators unrolling and cutting the new carpet which is identical to the old carpet. This makes me wonder if they think they're getting away with something as by the time passengers come back it'll be all finished and everything will all look the same. All i know is that i don't feel well at all and but i was ok yesterday so wth.

I was going to call the ships hospital to make an apt. but just then my friend Judy came by and said no apt is needed, just go. So i was going to and then Anthony came along so i dbl checked with him and he said yes, just go so i did.

The waiting room was almost full and i was given a questionaire to fill out with all my info inc. what i was there for. I didn't mention the dust or fumes or possible mold or anything. Eventually it was my turn, thank God because they keep it so cold in there i was already numb. So this RN guy said he needed a urine sample but i had just gone before going down there so i couldn't do it. He said i'll get you a glass of water and he came back with a tiny cup with about an ounce of water in it, lol. I knew it would  take alot more than that for me to be able to supply a sample.
Next was the actual Dr. and he was very thorough and when all was said and done he said it's not pneumonia but a bacterial infection; you're not contagious.  He gave me meds and some cough syrup and i was so relieved i almost cried because i had a picture in my mind of wearing a surgical mask on my flights home.

Funny how it is when you think you're at deaths door and then you get the word that you're not and then you hardly cough anymore. And so you happily carry on with life and i did go with my friends for lunch and i enjoyed it. After lunch they were going to sit in the hot tub and i didn't want to so i just sat in the sun for awhile before returning to my room.

Later they came to my room and we all went for dinner in the Black Pearl. In the lineup i was coughing lightly, not often and when i did i was covering my mouth with kleenex and some asshole comes up to me and he says "you know you should see a Dr. about that cold you have"  I wish i would have called him a bad name but instead i said "i DID see the Dr. today and it's not a cold and it isn't contagious so don't you worry about it" What a know-it-all asshole, especially since it was relatively mild dry short coughs and many many passengers in the lineup were also coughing so why did he have to pick on me.

Annies three friends joined our table and then Annie came by just for a minute because she wasn't feeling well either. I could have lived without that dinner; it was slowwwww like 30 mins between each of our three courses. I kept thinking about that man picking on me and then i'd start coughing again. At one point i started hyperventilating because i felt so picked on and put down by that insensitive man and i was feeling sorry for myself.

Finally dessert and it was the best baked Alaska ever! Glad i stayed for it,lol!

Afterwards we went to pick up our passports which the ship has had on hold since day 1 and we found another long slow lineup. I also had to clean out my casino account to get the money i had deposited into it and not gambled away. I didn't stop to play because in that moment i had to get to a toilet asap. I think my diarhea was caused by the meds that ship Dr. had given to me because it burned like hell and really hurt and my dinner certainly wouldnt have caused that.

Later i returned to the ships hospital to get the notes re my visit there. I was surprised that the info they provided was 6 pages long and very intensive and informative to give to my Dr. once i get home. My visit there had cost $200. which i had to pay upfront but once i get home i'll contact my VTG agent for how to submit my claim to the insurance Co.

Everyone had to pack up their stuff tonight and it was a shame i had to miss the show because the last show is always the best one. It took me forever to get all my stuff together. Packing to go on a cruise is so much easier and done over a long period of time. At least it is for me; i start packing a couple of weeks in advance. But tonight will not be too bad for me as what most passengers do which is to let the crew collect their luggage tonight and then they'll look for it in the terminal in the morning.

I am going to self - disembark; i planned this a long time ago but it's now causing me some worries. Can i really handle all my stuff by myself when i'm not feeling well? Where is my husband when i need him? Well, i have to stick with the plan or possibly spend hours in the terminal again like last time. I am going to walk off of the ship first thing in the a.m.and climb aboard the shuttle to the airport and just hope that it all goes as planned. My flight is at 12:55p.m. and because they're calling people in alphabetical order starting at deck #1 i'll be amongst the first to go which is nice cuz i'll be able to spend more time in the worlds best airport. I've been living on deck 1 and my last name starts with A, how lucky is that?

My mail today consisted of one angry sounding note from the organizer of the excursion to Vietnam. She claimed that she had to pay double what i had paid her because of my empty was my fault that i didn't show up and left a seat empty!  It was obvious to me was that it wasn't my fault but hers and i lit into her for not providing me with a ticket or at least the info on where the bus was parked or why she didn't come back looking for me since she knew for sure that i had signed in and had been there in the atrium all along.
All the info i had was Bus B 9a.m Atrium which was fine as long as you're on the ship but what about after getting off?  There wasn't info for that so HTH could it possibly be MY fault! I had seen her arrive in the atrium and i said good morning to her but she didn't even respond, she just stood there looking around, not saying a word or giving out any info or instructions about her tour. What happened after i went to the ladies room was that the group was ok'd to depart and they all did, all at once following her and once they got off she didn't stop to count or tell anyone anything, they just kept on walking without even looking back. I think she should have taken a roll call outside and told the passengers what the plan was and especially the info on where to find her frick'in bus'es. I know now that at the time she pretended that she didn't even  know where her buses would be parked and to me all the more reason why she should have kept everyone in the loop with signs held up for BusB or whatever buses there were before taking off so fast that anyone 1minute behind her couldn't keep up.

But the fact is that she did know; this wasn't her first rodeo; she knew only Carnival buses could be on the dock property and that the ones she had hired were outside the gates on the public streets. Now that i know that i know that but at the time it never occured to me. She'd been doing these excursions for a long time and that's how she is able to cruise so often! She knew the routine but let on that it was all a big surprise to her to find her buses off of the dock. BS.

I was so upset after checking out every single bus on that huge acerage of a dock in the blazing hot sun and almost 100 degrees i was fit to be tied. How was i supposed to know what she knew?

So i missed out on my excursion to Ho Chi Minh city and what can you do but climb back onboard your now empty ship and collapse in your cool ac cabin.

Needless to say i am pissed; that woman is rude, deceitful and unfriendly and incompetent and now shes saying that it was all my own fault. No way!  It took her two days to contact me and she was upset and mad at me? But because she's a good person she'll give me half of my money back even though she said technically she doesn't owe me anything. I wonder if she thinks i should pay up again because of her "having to pay double for my empty seat" or maybe for her inconvenience that i wasn't there? Huh? Whatttt?

Well i had seen people walking up to that gate and disappearing to the outside world but i assumed they were the young, seasoned and brave travellers who learn the ropes of going off into a foreign city on their own and they'd live to tell the tale. Not my elderly cruisemates going on an excursion that left from out there!

Later i found her angry note with half of my money begrudgingly refunded, what a jerk. Never would have thought a Canuck would do anything like this to a fellow Canuck. WTH is wrong with this woman; i feel so embarassed for her. I just hope i never see her again, ever!

I took my story to the facebook group and some of the passengers that made it onto this excursion said that none of them knew where the buses were waiting but she had led the way to the gates and beyond and there they were. Guess she was just lucky finding them so fast eh! Several passengers told me how it really went and then SHE got wind of it and either she contacted FB re my trashing her or slandering or whatever it is and maybe it was she herself who was able to remove my conversations with the others. Whatever, those posts were deleted with a threatening message sent to me that she was going to have me kicked off if i kept it up. It didn't scare me but i decided wth, it's over and done with and while she likely didn't pick up any clues or messages from this my lesson is learned. Several people had read about it before it was taken down and nothing can be done about it now anyhow so i decided to just let it go with a reminder to cruisers - take the ship excursions where you know you'll be covered and there won't be any crappy surprises! They will give you your ticket with all the info on it re where your bus is going to be and at what time; what the name of it is, and as well they definitly won't come back to the ship without you.

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