Sunday, December 1, 2019

Oct 24, 2019

Wide awake at 7a.m. which is way too early for me but then remembered it was another fall back day so it was actually 6a.m. on this ship; What a person does at 6a.m. is beyond me. I tried to get back to sleep but nope it wasn't going to happen so i played my IPad game. Turned out that was a good time to play ir because i won back some of what i had lost. And now i feel like washing my hair.

I went for a very fruity breakfast plus my two little bowls of muesli. I added a pot of peach yogurt to one and a pot of coconut yogurt to the other and both ways were delicious along with tons of sliced kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit, otranges and all sorts of melons. I havent drank any morning coffee on this cruise though i might one of these days. I drink two big mugs of espresso every day at home. I headed down to the showroom and as you have to go through the casino to get there i tried a couple of my games without any luck; bad timing i guess.
I sat in the upper section of the showroom and Lee was doing a raffle that i hadn't been early enough to buy in to so i was out of luck on that too. The prizes were hand made crochet and knitted items but i missed out on hearing how they were obtained but maybe donated  in yesterdays campaign for St. Jude hospital.
Afterwards i stuck around for Glee club which i hadn't attended before and didn't know what it was all about. I'm so glad i stayed for it because it was pretty awesome. A lot of passengers went up on stage and two Carnival singer/dancers lead the way in song. They did Fats Domino, Everly Brothers, and more from the 50's and they sounded like pros although the pros had mics and the passengers didn't but i'm sure i could hear them and they were all in tune. They followed the pros steps as well and everyone, like about 50 or more people of all ages, even some in their 80's did remarkably well. Not sure if this has been going on since day one and if so maybe they're the chosen ones who made the cut at some point or if anyone who wanted to go up could. Whatever, the passengers were as good or better than some of the ships entertainment i've seen so far.

I went to the store and bought some candy, toothpaste and a water bottle. I don't usually carry a water bottle with me, actually i never have but onboard i decided it would be a good idea. The only thing is it has Carnivals logo on it so does this mean i'll have to buy one on whatever ship i happen to be on or maybe be un-cool carrying a different ships bottle. Big deal eh! Lunchtime!

I forgot what i ate but i'm sure it was delicious, this ship has some pretty good food. I sat with a lady that i had sat with before and because i had forgotten to bring my Fun Times program with me she told me what was going on this afternoon. The one i chose to attend was a rock n' roll show and it was ok but wayyyy too loud and it gave me a headache. I am way too old and fragile for loud, it hurts and it's ridiculous that they have to have it that loud because i know alot or actually most people don't like it. And then i felt a little choked when Lee introduced the show and asked how many Americans were there and they were the majority and he picked 4 of them to go onstage.And then he asked the same of Australians and 4 of them went up onstage. And that was it; he didn't ask for Canadians or if any other countries were represented. Maybe i'm too sensitive, whatever, i think he could have spread it around a little more by getting one or two people from each country to go up.
Later i went back to the casino and ended up with a small profit so that made me all happy again.

I've been calling my friend Vivians room for a few days because i havent seen her around since the day before Guam. Maybe their cruise ended in Guam but she hadn't mentioned it to me so i'm a little concerned because every time i call her room i get the busy signal. I was thinking they either talk on the phone alot or maybe that's what happens when a room is vacant or something. I'll keep looking for her and her husband and if i don't see them by tomorrow i'll ask at the desk if they're still onboard or what. But i'm not even sure if they'd give me that sort of info.

I went for dinner at 6 and it was ok but nothing to write about so i took off for the Spectacular show and i was a little late and it had aready begun. I forget the guys name but he was a vocalist from Broadway and he did actions and sang in a sort of opera style. I hate to walk out of a performance but i couldn't do this; it was just not my style and never will be so 15 minutes was all i could handle and i walked out and went to my room.
Early to bed tonight as i'll be visiting Kota Kinabalu in the morning. It's going to be over 80 degrees and i'll be wearing my jeans, prob not the best thing to wear in a hot country, but shorts? No, not me ever!
I've got a messed up 'puter and some pictures will be shown with the wrong post. So the following pics  are the start of my excursion to Kota Kinabalu on the 25th. It's also partly the effects of crossing the International date line that has the dates all mixed up. Sorry to say i also cannot straighten, sharpen, or enlarge so i can see them until they've posted nor can i organize my pics with this new 'puter..  Then things became worse after taking it to a repair shop and some of my stuff was lost and i now can't transfer my notes from IPad either so having to type it all over again. Oh, woe is me, sorry.


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