Saturday, November 30, 2019

Oct.23, 2019

After breakfast i went to a question and answer session with the cast of the shows and got there a little early while our cruise director Lee's morning show was still on the stage. From what i gathered somebody had found out that Lee doesn't like boiled eggs so you can imagine they all had fun with that, goading him to eat one, which someone had brought. He choked it down and was gagging while holding his nose and it was hilarious. Afterwards he admitted that it wasn't that bad but he will never eat another one.

Lee was then the host of the Q+A session with the Splendors musical show cast of 4 guys and 4 girls. They all introduced themselves saying where they were from and i was surprised as just about all were from the U.K. I had presumed they'd all be Americans. People in the audience asked all sorts of questions which they answered and it seems it's not an easy life they live. They have to practice every day and do 2 or 3 shows a few nights a week. Lots of costume changes and and how they manage to change into different costumes so quickly etc.  One of the girls dbls as the seamstress and only the singers get their own cabins; the dancers have to share a cabin. One girl put it all in to perspective by saying how tiring it is to be dancing and singing at the same time and she said just try it. I believe her!
Afterwards i checked out the library which had a few people sitting reading and it was so cold in there i don't know how they could stand it. Also don't know why they didn't just take a book to their quiet comfy cabin where distracting people couldn't just come walking in anytime. The supply of books was few and all were hard covers. I'm guessing people download the books they want to read on their phone or IPad now-a-days and maybe libraries will soon be a thing of the past. I got out of there quickly, no magazines to look at and that's all i really wanted to know.

By then it was lunchtime so i went to the Lido for salads, scallops and purple potatos and then returned to my room. On the door was a note from Annie reminding me to go to the boardroom for the Left, Right and Center game at 1:45p.m. to learn how to play it before the game starts at 2p.m. I got lost but made it on time and Annie explained the game to me and soon there were at least 20 people all seated around a very long table and the game began. It was fun because a game costs only $3. and if you won you'd get $60. because there was 20 people playing today. Annie asked me if i wanted to share the pot if either of us won and i said sure, good plan. I was up and down w/o any money left several times but you're still in the game because the people on either side of you might have to give you some, if they have any left to give. When that happens you can keep building on it and have lots to play with but then again you might roll the dice and have to give a bill to either your left or right side and/or the pot jar in the center. The game continues until the last one with money wins the game and all that's in the pot jar. We played 3 games and i think it took over an hour and i was second to last on the third game but got a bad roll on my last chance and and the lady beside me won it all. Fun game; i liked it and wish i'd been involved earlier on this cruise.
Annie had explained to me how to get to this room by an easier route and how to get back from it as well, two different ways were needed. Well, i messed up again and walked way too far and when i saw the elevator i jumped in it and hit the casino only to be a loser once again. Not my day today!

When i returned to my room i glanced out the window as i entered and saw a school of some kind of curious little fish leaping away. There must have been thousands of them and it looked like they had come up close to the ship to check it out and then got scared of the sound or the wake as they played and it looked like they were actually flying away. I'm not sure of exactly where we are right now but in between Guam and Malaysia and the water is polluted with a lot of seaweed. I keep hoping to see a whale or dolphins or other sea life but so far not much. There's lots of mountains in the distance and tons of small islands throughout the area that are all a part of the Phillipine archipelago.

I returned to the Lido for a dinner of mixed misc. including barley. I love barley in soup and have never come across it served just plain like that. It was a good idea and delicious with my fish and veggies, fruits and 2 pcs of cake. Going to have to make some barley at home now and serve it with green onions and Asian dressing. I by-passed the ice cream machine on my way out to watch the movie Yesterday which was about to begin. I found the movie to be a little strange and i wasn't sure what it was all about but something to do with the Beatles. I stuck with it to the end mainly because Ed Sheeran was in it and he was my singer for a long time until i replaced him with Passenger as my #1 fav. There's a lot of distractions watching a movie with a pool in the vicinity....people diving in and splashing around, people walking by, me looking at the stars in the sky instead of on the screen, lol.  I can't believe there's just one week left of my cruise. Time flies when you're having fun!

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