Thursday, November 21, 2019

Oct. 13, 2019 at sea

I awoke early; well, early for me. The people in the cabin next door talk long and loud. I havent seen them and i've noticed they have the "snoozing" sign on their doorknob just about all the time.
I went to the buffet for breakfast but couldn't find the muesli promised. I asked a couple of chefs, one of whom he didn't know what it was but the other one did and he told me where i'd find it so i headed there real fast in hungry anticipation. I looked and looked but i was looking for the huge bowl that it's been kept in the past and i didn't see any big huge bowls at all. However, i did notice several tiny jelly sized bowls with a couple tablespoonsful of something all nestled on a tray that looked interesting and somewhat familar. Most dishes are labled with their name but this one wasn't. When i asked the girl attending what it was i was surprised when she said muesli. It had cranberries, strawberries,and shredded coconut in it so it looked quite different but mostly it was the size that just seemed wayyyy off and wrong. But i was interested and it was a big deal for me so i took 2 bowls of it.  Wish i would have taken four or more because it was so good. This muesli was really special with pumpkin seeds, all sorts of fruit and nuts and seeds and topped off with a sprig of mint. Now that mint was a genius addition and it made it extra special because it was the perfect addition which i had never even considered adding when i make it at home. I have never seen it looking like that with the strawberries, cranberries and mint and more and i will say it for sure was the best muesli i've ever eaten but i wish it was in the huge bowl of the past because i felt self concious in taking more than one bowl.  But then again i'll have it tomorrow and the next day and the next..... until i am home! Tomorrow i wont be shy, i'll take a few and go back for more before i dig into the various melons that i love to eat for breakfast too.

I saw the friendly chef from last night who's name is something like Sumaniedonieterain or whatever (maybe i'm exaggerating) and he came over so i graciously thanked for his wonderful muesli and he seemed truly extemely pleased. I don't think many people think to compliment a buffet chef and i'm probably one of them but in this case he needed to know how greatful i was for his very special muesli that i had eaten and thouroughly enjoyed.
The next time i see him i'll ask if he has a nickname because i'm not even going to attempt to pronounce his very long name.

I wandered around the ship for awhile with nothing particular in mind to do or a place to be at a specific time. I quite enjoy days like that. I stopped at a general knowledge trivia game in progress and it seemed especially hard so i carried on to the front desk to ask for a tiny bit of scotch tape which was given happily and so my name and number is now safely on my camera.   My route then went through the casino where i wasted a few bucks before going into the showroom to watch a movie about life under the sea. Then to the general store to buy hairspray. I had planned to join the ladies of the knitting/crochet group but hadn't brought my project so that didn't happen and then it was lunchtime. What a life!

But first a phone call to my husband because i had figured out that it would be just about his bedtime so i went back to my cabin and called him at home.  It took a few rings before he answered and i figured he was snoozing but he said no, he was resting with his leg elevated after just returning home from the emergency room. A few weeks ago he had an itchy spot on his leg which he scratched so much it started oozing a clear liquid. At first i was relieved because it wasn't blood but when it didn't heal in a weeks time he went to the Dr. who said it was fine and to just keep it covered which he did. Well, since i've been gone he said it got worse and he felt that he should go to the ER and i'm so glad he did because it was infected. He had just arrived home and was following the Drs. instructions to keep it covered and elevated.
I carried on my day after lunch with more wandering around checking out this rather awesome and elegantly beautiful ship before ending up in the Lido visiting with a couple from Darwin, Australia. Turns out i sort of knew the woman whose name was Leeanne because she had been a regular on the facebook group for this cruise. It was nice to meet and chat with someone met online and then we all went to  watch a hilarious couples show in the showroom. On my way back i stopped at the coffee shop and got a nice white chocolate and caramel frappe to take back to my room. The barista asked if i wanted a chocolate straw and i hadn't even know it was invented yet so i said yes. Turns out it was only good for a few minutes and then it started to get soft and fuzzy. I didn't like that at all and the fuzzies gave me the creeps but then there's no plastic straws on this ship so what can one do? Well, in anticipation of this because i had the same scenerio on my last cruise with no straws i had brought some of my own.

After my dinner of a delicious sweet and sour fish of some sort, potato salad, artichioke hearts and mushy peas i met Vivian to attend a lecture of a famous artist which was pretty awesome to learn but already i've forgotten who it was about!  Tonight i might go to the movie under the stars or maybe not and just chill out with music and playing my Ipad game in my warm and cozy little cabin. I am really enjoying relaxing and doing my own thing on this cruise.


Linda G. said...

Your day sounds so relaxing. Do you gain weight, while on your cruises?

Lorraina said...

This cruise is the first time i came home and couldn't believe what the scales told me. But then again i should have known because of all the ice cream. So that along with not much excercise did do a number on me. Now, how to get it off before Christmas.....and/or my next cruise which hasn't been booked yet. But i know where i want to go and once that plan gets into effect then i'll be sure to lose the unwanted lbs.