Friday, November 29, 2019

Oct. 22, 2019

I was up a little too early this morning because of moving our clocks back another hour but i got up, got ready and was eating my brekkie before 8a.m. I sat with a lady from Australia who was just finishing up a bowl of prunes and i asked her where she got them because i hadn't seen them today. When she was finished she left and was back in a minute or two with a bowl of prunes for me. It was very nice of her to do that and i enjoyed them and hope they do their job.
From there i headed down ship to the Survivor trivia game and saw a woman sitting alone so i asked if i could be on her team. She was a very nice lady named Francis from Florida and we had a lovely chat before the game started. Most of the 20 questions were really hard and even though i rarely miss an episode of Survivor i couldn't get many answers. I mean who on earth can remember the name of the person who won in 2006, or any year for that matter? What episode was it that so and so won? The name of the guy who said he just gotten the news that his grandma had died? Or the name of the nude guy? Lol, i do remember him but his name? Nope.  It made me wonder if the categories had been revealed maybe even before the cruise had begun. or with the Fun Times paper being delivered the evening before the game is it possible they've studied the info online all night. If so i'm calling "Not fair!" even though i guess it's fair enough,lol. I've noticed on many cruises that there's teams who win alot, all the time, no matter what the category is. I realise there's smart people out there but come on, not that smart or i would have seen them winning on Jeopardy by now. Or do they brush up on every single category there is or what! Lol! Whatever, Francis and i got 3 correct and that's about par for the course so i get no ship on a stick again. Oh well, i do enjoy the whole thing even w/o remembering any of it 10 minutes later and i really don't need or want a ship on a stick.  Ironically the day i visited Maui the trivia was all about Canada; go figure eh!

After trivia we remained seated for the next event which was all about social media.. After it began i knew i was sunk because it was all about very deep stuff that i don't have a clue about or even want to know. I had no idea you could use your computer to lock your doors for example. Sure i could have stuck around and learned something but it was just too seriously deep for me so i whispered to my new friend Francis that i was leaving. She said "just a minute" so i waited and she wrote me a note inviting me to join her and her husband for dinner tonight at 7:30 in the Gold Pearl dining room. I whispered yes, i'll see you later and i left.

I had to go through the casino from there because it's the only route i know i won't get lost on so i stopped and played a little; picked up $60. real quick and headed to my cabin. I was no sooner in the door when the phone rang and it was another lady i had befriended; Judy inviting me to join her for lunch at the....guess where....the Gold Pearl. Strangely enough i've been there 3 times in the last 2 days and i hadn't set foot in there at day 17 of this cruise.
Judy had boarded the ship with a cruisemate but she is a solo cruiser now because her friend had become sick and departed by ambulance to go to the hospital for gall bladder surgery.

So Judy knocked at my door and came in for a minute or two and then we proceeded to the Gold Pearl which is a longgg way from here.I had to stop and rest a couple times but we eventually made it and were seated at a big table with another couple from down under. They were very well travelled and had interesting stories to tell including being robbed twice. So i told my story about being robbed in Beijing when i went a few years ago. We also had been joined by a couple of guys who will be getting on a Celebrity ship in Singapore to sail back to the U.S. instead of flying home. I really liked that plan of theirs as the flight from Singapore is extremely long and boring and tiresome. Going to have to remember remember to check the idea out if or when i cruise again. These guys knew all kinds of ways that people are not aware of that they can get robbed. It's really a big business now a days with pro robbers, not just the common pick pocketers. If anyone wants to know how to keep your money while in China i can recommend that you should keep your money on you at all times and do not ever use the in-room safe. I know for sure that i was robbed of small amounts but it happened every day over a period of a week before i clued in.

The waiter who took my order must have gotten it all wrong because i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have ordered squid. No i never would! In fact i had ordered two dishes and this wasn't one of them and the other one never did arrive. You might get a mix up like this on a ship (or any restaurant)  So you complain and tell him and then you'll get the correct dish or dishes, whatever you want. I don't generally do that. I just accept it and try it out because i'm easy that way and sometimes interesting things happen because of it. Well, for me this time i couldn't eat the squid but the veggies that came with it were awesome; potatos that are al dente are something i love but when i cook them at home my hubby wants them well done and if i catch them in time i'll remove one early for myself. However most of the time i either forget or i'm too late and it's already well done so this was a real treat for me. I had arugula too so it was actually a really delicious meal for me. Do try a rare potato sometime; it's a special treat!
We saw another cruiseship in the distance and through this all i neglected to snap pics. Afterwards we returned to our deck and each went a different way directly to our cabins for a little nap.

I have run out of drinking water already! I'd had a doz. of the large size sent to my room on day one and i was sure that would be enough but nope, also a 6 pack each of tonic water, club soda and diet coke all gone.I drink the tonic water at night before i go to bed to help prevent muscle spasms especially on days where i've walked alot. These stupid dam charley horses get me in the ankles alot lately and are a PITA and ocassionally in the thighs as well. It seems weird or unusual to get them in those places but strangely enough the ones i used to get in the back of the lower legs and feet have stopped  Now, not even sure if the tonic water has helped or not but i've developed a taste for the stuff so maybe i'll order some more from room service. Just about everyone i know drinks the ships water but i can't do it, call me spoiled but yeah, i need good ol' Canadian drinking water and the thought of drinking what comes out of the faucet in the bthrm makes me gag and would probably give me an intestinal upset. So i did the math on the price of small bottles and the large bottles and it turns out exacly the same price per ounce. There's already 2 big bottles with the price of $3.75 each on my dresser which i've been trying to avoid drinking. My other plan is to buy a water bottle and fill it daily from the iced tea, mango juice or lemonade machines in the Lido which would be made with the ships water but is well disguised. I've seen lots of people fill theirs in the Lido and then drink from them all day when out and about. Not me, i don't want to be carrying anything onboard as it's the only time i can go around empty handed w/o a purse and i love the feeling. It's so freeing and men get to do it all the time.

I had just returned from lunch when Annie called about a game called Right, Left and Center and it sounded interesting and i'd love to learn and play it. Tomorrow is my chance to get involved. Annie said to bring one dollar bills as it costs $3. per game. I'll remember to get some bills broken down in the casino tonight. There's always the need for small money as well for tips so i'll be prepared.

I got ready for dinner with my new friend Francis and her hubby and made the long trek to get to the place on time with extra time for getting lost too. My feeling about the Gold Pearl is that it's a little higher class than the Black Pearl; better food, attentive waiters and live music. So i met Frances and i enjoyed hearing all about their many cruises and travels all over the world as well as their life in Florida.

After a very nice dinner i went back to the casino and picked up a few bucks from several different machines and i had a lot of fun doing it. As you probably know every casino has a time for winning and a time for losing; you just have to figure out what time it'll be or just hit it lucky when you get there.


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