Saturday, November 23, 2019

Oct. 16, 2019 another busy sea day

I was up early again this morning and in the Lido eating breakfast before 8a.m. This is so not me. But i had awakened with my problem nail almost completely off so i put it out of it's misery with a pair of scissors and cancelled my apt. to get it fixed.  Now my thumb feels raw and weird but what can you do.
I bumped into my friend Vivian in the Lido and after brekkie we decided to go to the general knowledge trivia game in the El Morocco room. I hadn't been there before and it's a beautiful large room on deck 5 aft. When we walked in it was a very crowded place.  There was a ballroom dancing class going on and i spotted Annie, my roomie from last years cruise dancing and it was so lovely and graceful to watch. We watched until it was over and then our trivia game started. I love attending these games but i get very few answers and so it was again today. A man came in a little late and sat near us and asked if he could be on our team and we said sure. Because of him we got 6 correct answers out of 20 questions, so double what Vivian and i would have had. We had fun and hopefully learned a few things too but it's info that will probably never be needed like how many bones are in the human body and how much bacteria is in us etc. For me it was a take a wild guess game but that was ok, it was something to do and interesting to find out who the smart people are, lol.

We then headed to the art room for a seminar by the same woman as yesterday and it was on the artist Destino Dali. Neither Vivian nor i had known of the connection between him and Walt Disney so that was pretty interesting to learn how that all came together. We both had been given a blanket which were actually bigger than yesterdays and covered up from head to foot so we were greatful for that. I don't know why they keep that room so cold unless it's something to do with preserving the artworks.

Afterwards we were planning to attend another trivia game on the royal family but then decided to bypass it because it was way down the opposite end of the ship. Too bad because i might have been able to get a couple answers on that. Strangely enough i had also missed a trivia game on the day that i went to Lahaina, Maui and the subject had been Canada. Again i might have been able to get a couple. Guess i'm just not lucky that way.

Lunch was calling so we took off for the Lido and got a great table by the window on the starboard side and watched it raining outside. Soon Vivians husband joined us and we spent some time in there eating and chatting. They hadn't heard about the woman who passed away on their deck yesterday and they were shocked and saddened to hear about it. Even though her name and cabin number wern't revealed it was a terrible blow for them to hear. They thought they had probably passed in the hallway or shared an elevator or something as neighbours do so it was terrible to find out about it. I think theres actually a lot of deaths on cruiseships so a common occurance because lets face it, we are mostly all old passengers. But still, hard to come to grips with.
We then had to scurry to get back to the El Morocco room for the comedy of Kathleen Dunbar from Las Vegas and she was hilarious.
We split afterwards and each went our separate ways, i went to my cabin for a little nap and Vivian and hubby had to get ready to attend the captains formal dinner party tonight. I will eat in the Lido and afterwards spend some time with the ladies handicrafts group, maybe visit the casino, attend the variety stage show or the movie or otherwise find something to do.

Well, i didn't nap, just chilled with my IPad game and then finished my dishrag. It's a round one but i made it big enough that i know for sure will fit on an 8"x8" square cardboard. By the time i got out of my room it was after 7p.m.and there wasn't many people in the Lido. A lady from Texas named Yumi joined me and we had a lot of laughs and then decided to go to the casino for awhile before the second Spectacular show begins. Yumi didn't play the slots because she said she had lost alot already and i should have followed suit but no, i can't go into a casino and not play. So i wasted a few bucks and then suddenly won some of it back so i knew it was time to go. We watched a guy who was a mind reader and he pretty much knew everyones names and birthdays and more! I thought he was amazing but halfway through Yumi said goodnight, she was tired and had to go to bed.I watched to the end and then had a brainwave to take the promenade route past the Red Room and to the ElMorocco in my quest to blaze a new and better trail from this area back to my cabin. Yes, of course i was hopelessly lost and quite quickly too. I don't think there is such a route from that area. So at least now i know better than to bother anymore and just accept that i'm destined to take the longggg way home.

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