Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Graduation grade 7

My grandson has graduated; Yayyyy Brandon!  Here he is with the graduating class (top 2nd from the right)and again with his little girlfriend; isn't she cute? Isn't he cute?
I think he looks like he's in training to be a rock star......
Well, hey, don't they all?

Brandons mom is one of my twins.
Brandons girlfriend is a twin.
Oh Oh.

I wonder if their relationship would or could last long enough to see if the twin gene appears again. They're just 13 yrs old now, so who knows.They say twins skips a generation so i guess that means Brandon could very well father twins someday.
Someday, in the future, a long time from now.  Way. way. way. in the future.

One of my grandaughters is engaged to be married this summer. She and her beau have been a couple since they were both 14 and they're 24 now.  Things start early in this family and relationships last.


Anonymous said...

Your grandson is very handsome; his girlfriend is cute.

Bunnym said...


Your grandson is a looker. They all look so grown up. Working with 12 and 13 year olds...I see a lot of stuff but these kids look pretty darn good. Congrats to the graduate!


Lorraina said...

Thanks Linda, they are a very cute couple for sure!

Thanks Bunny. They do seem very grown up don't they.

Lalala said...

Oh they are so cute!!

Lorraina said...

Thanks Lalala, nice to see you. Hope you are well!