Saturday, December 1, 2018

Oct. 21, 2018 At sea

I felt tired this morning so stayed in and didn’t even go for breakfast. Hot dam! It was probably my last chance to enjoy a bowl of muesli unless we have time before our departure in Singapore tomorrow morning.

I’m going to have to start packing up sometime today and it’s going to be a big job. I just hope i can get everything in to my suitcase!
I went for lunch in the buffet and then browsed the 50% off jewellery and the ring i had admired a few days ago was gone but i spotted another one i liked so i bought it before it disappeared.
Now, at 3p.m. I still haven’t done any packing but Annie has hers all pretty much done in her big suitcase and she’s now working on packing her carry- on. When she’s done i’ll start on mine cuz this room isn't nearly big enough for both to pack at the same time.
So i went to the cruise employees talent show and i was wowed by the talents that some of them have. There were beautiful singers, guitar players and gymnast/dancers as well as hip hop and they all looked happy and energetic after finishing up their jobs for the day.

After the show i dropped in to the casino and while things were hopping in there for others while i was a very fast loser so got out ASAP and returned to the room to start packing. What a job after being away for 33 days and then with 3 days in Singapore before flying home i had to give it some serious thought to keep out the things i’d want and need for the 3 days plus something warm to wear on the plane home. Vancouver can be cold in October but i think my hubby will bring my coat when he comes to pick me up and hopefully have the car all warmed up.

After my dinner in the buffet i wandered back into the casino mainly to get my rewards points. I had no idea how they’re earned or what they were worth so i got my favourite little attendant girl to show me how to do it on a slot machine. I had earned the huge sum of $6.55 which seemed way too little but wth i’m not a big time spender and played mostly only penny machines so it was something. I played it off and didn’t win a thing using those points. I’ve heard that players can get a free cruise using their player points but wow, i bet you’d have to spend an awful lot to get that prize.

I then went to the evening stage show of female singers, one was a trio and the other from Australia sang solo. The music was good but again  found it was so loud it hurt my ears.

I then returned to the cabin and finished my packing and my suitcase weighs a ton now. I then put it outside my door for the crew to pick it up sometime tonight and take it out to the terminal where i’ll retrieve it once off the ship. The time for us to leave is 8:15a.m. but usually the actual time of departure is always delayed. All 2400 passengers will be departing so I know it's going to take quite awhile!
Omgosh I have left my blog in such a mess because of messing up with dates on my pics as well as wrong dates on the posts that i wrote. I just discovered there's no such day as Oct 20 so lets just call this Oct 21 because I don't feel like trying to unravel all the mysteries. I am sorry because i know a lot of nice pics have gone astray as well. Somehow i've got double entries for a couple of days but neither is very interesting so i'll just let them go as it's painful trying to figure out wth happened.

So it's been either feast or famine but here's some of the pics from the visit to Ko Samui a couple days ago.

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Linda G. said...

Beautiful temple. I really like the picture of the big dog and small cat.