Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Oct. 25, 2018 Bye Singapore, hello Hong Kong airport

My flight @1;05p.m.
Air Canada # 6303

Arrive in Hong Kong at 5:05 p.m.
Air Canada AC 8S operated by Singapore Airlines
Hong Kong to Vancouver at 7:45 p.m.
Arrive in Vancouver at 4:35 p.m and get to live Oct 25th all over again.

Ok, so i trusted the taxi driver and he dropped me off at the wrong terminal. Not really his fault though as Air Canada wasn't on his list of airlines so he took me to "all other" I found my way more or less to the right one and was directed to the sky train. Once off of that there were several places i had to stop at to get my stuff done and just when i thought it was all a go i realized i didn’t have my boarding pass for my flight from Singapore to Hong Kong but i did have the portion from HK to Vancouver. I think the whole thing became a problem because while my ticket read Air Canada it was actually going to be operated by Singapore Air. Who knows or understands all this airport stuff?

Thankfully i had a cart which made it much easier than dragging my luggage while pushing my carry on bag. Eventually after speaking to the people in several info desks my bag was checked in and they offered to check in my carry on but no, i have my warm jacket in it which i know i’ll need on the planes as they’re always cold. I am also a little leery of letting my carry on get checked in because i've never done it before and i’ve got my precious stuff in it and would really hate for it to go missing.  Missing or delayed luggage has often been a problem for me at airports and cruise ship terminals for some reason but then always turn up eventually. Finally i was directed to a waiting area and there’s no bthrm or food nearby. I’d gone by a few Starbucks and White coffee joints along the way to this point and there’s nothing of interest anywhere near where i’ve been told to wait except a nice big tv and it’s all about the Singapore tennis tournament.

After sitting there awhile i went to the loo and what do i see around the corner but a butterfly garden enclosure. So that made my day much better but wait, there nearby the butterflies was a koi pond and that was very nice as well. Not quite the swimming pool that i understand they have or the amusement park etc but it was enough to perk me up. Soon i got on my plane and who knew Singapore Airlines is such an awesome airline?

I don’t know what kind of plane it was but it sat 9 across and appeared to be quite new. The attendants were so friendly, helpful and nice and they always had a smile. After we were airborne they brought coffee, tea, pop or alcoholic beverages and soon afterwards a little pkg of snack crackers and soon it was dinnertime with several choices of main course. I chose chicken and it was very tender and good with sticky rice, steamed veggies, an oriental salad, water and a chocolate ice cream on a stick that was Magnum brand and it was excellent. My best plane food ever! And then the  landing in Hong Kong was perfect; so soft and quiet i hardly felt anything at all!

I’ll get on Air Canada and don't have to collect my luggage as it's gone on automatically to Vancouver. So now it’s 3:40 p.m. and i’ll be in Hong Kong once again but only for three hours or so and then on my final leg to reach home. As much as i loved this 38 day adventure I’m anxious to see my husband and family and my home. I hope the reno that’s been done is done and i’ll accept whatever washer and dryer that he’s chosen as well as the flooring even if it's bright orange with purple polka dots.

On the plane to Vancouver and it’s 10,256 Kms. away. No wonder it takes so long! We’re travelling at a speed of 896 Km
Estimated time of arrival is 4:22 pm local time and is now 5:22a.m. So about 11 hours to go.

27 hours total to get home from Singapore.  Its been interesting trying to figure out the flight stats. One diagram keeps showing "seamounts" which i've never seen or even heard of before.
There's Pratt and Bowie, Comstock , Detroit, Chinook and Gold Bay seamounts and many more that we are passing by. In the diagram it looks like markers in the ocean that maybe guide the planes or maybe they're underwater mountains or something but i'll have to wait until later to Google this.

What a fabulous airport Singapore has! Interesting things all over

The butterfly garden

 It seemed like there were millions of butterflies flitting around but not so many in my pics.

 The koi pond was such a good idea along with the butterflies. It was so relaxing

                                                The airport carpet!!! OMG I loved it so much!

There's my seat; the one in the middle.  In between 2 big guys for a very longgggg ride!
It's been an awesome 38 days. I hope I can do something like this again. I'd re-do the same cruise and stay in Singapore all over again anytime because the entire trip was absolutely wonderful!  Or find somewhere else to cruise to and stay afterwards for a few days. You never's a very big amazing world out there with alot of swell people to meet. Thanks for reading! Bye for now.


Linda G. said...

Thank you for sharing your cruise detail. The Singapore Airport is really cool. I would have enjoyed the butterflies and koi fish.

Lorraina said...

You're welcome Linda and thanks for reading and commenting. Sorry I haven't had much time to respond to your comments or to keep up with your blog; I've been super busy but will get there asap. I appreciate your friendship, thanks so much!