Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Oct. 24, 2018 On my own in Singapore

It’s Wednesday in Singapore and i’m alone on my third day here. My room mate Annie left at 2:30a.m. to go to the airport. When she went to sleep at 7:30 last night so did i because the room is too small for two people to not be on the same program. So here i am now wide awake at 4:30 a.m after a 9 hour sleep. It’s still dark out and very quiet in this hotel but i think people here are early birds so it’s just a matter of time before the city awakens.

I still haven’t formulated a plan for my last day but i know i can’t spend it in this little room. Maybe a visit to one or both of the malls that I know is in order or i could visit more of Little India. My cab ride back from the casino yesterday took me through a part of Little India that i hadn’t seen before and it looked like never ending shops with lots of interesting things so maybe i’ll enjoy an in depth visit
Or go back to the casino.

It’s now 5:30a.m. And the singing man in the temple is up and singing his beautiful song and it’s not even light out yet.
I went back to sleep!
Woke up about 8a.m. and organized my luggage then went down to the front desk to find out if i could call my husband from the room phone. Not, he said unless you buy an international phone card. I asked where can i buy one and he said any convenience store like 7-11. Well, i looked all over and couldn’t find a 7-11 so I didn't think i'd be able to verify to the hubster that i will be home at 4:30 p.m. Vancouver time tomorrow because I don't even know!  So i had the desk clerk call re my flight and he got them so fast and easy and said my flight time is right on so that was a relief to know. I just hope hubby will be there to pick me up hopefully with my coat in hand and the car all warmed up cuz going from this very hot city to autumn in Vancouver might be quite a shock.

I took a taxi to the Sentac Mall to check out Swatches in the Swatch store. I ended up buying one very similar to my old one but thicker and the hands are glow in the dark. I believe i got a better buy here than Amazon as i would have had to pay for the shpng and this one was way cheaper and easier and i had it instantly. I hung out in the mall awhile and went to all the floors and out to the rooftop garden too. After a meal of a salad with my choice of 4 toppings (2 servings of sweet potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes) i got my directions messed up and ended up back near the Swatch store and because it was so warm in there with the humidity so high i just kept on going out the door where the situation was worse. It must have been way up in the 30’s C. So i hopped into a cab and had him drive me to the casino. I shouldn’t have done that but had to do something to not go back to my hotel room too early because that would be just too boring and besides, casinos always have the perfect temperature and there’s many places to sit and i'm more comfortable in a casino that anywhere else. These modern day malls have no seating except at food venues and i really need to sit every few minutes as i can't breathe and my back, hips and feet start burning like crazy. Then after a 2 min. sit i can keep going again. I had planned on visiting Little India again because i felt that i now knew my way there somewhat and it was on my way back to the hotel anyhow. I also needed to find some sort of colourful ribbons or something to make my suitcase more visible at the airport. Never want to do that scenario that i had at the cruise terminal ever again! There was nothing like ribbons at the mall, it was all high end clothing and no novelty stuff and not even a fabric or sewing supply store. I asked a salesgirl if she knew of a dollar store nearby and she didn’t understand what i meant. So i knew Little India might have something for me. As it turned out my stop at the casino wasn’t profitable and while it was air conditioned it wasn't nearly well enough and i was getting a headache from the heat and the humidity made it hard to breath even in there. So when i got into a cab i just told him to take me to 81 Dixon hotel. Once there and refreshed somewhat from the ac in the cab i walked to the shops near the hotel and in one very crowded store found a roll of light green plastic sort of twine or ribbon that would suffice to make pom pom flowers for my suitcase. By then i was frazzled, actually weak and felt a little sick from the heat so i bought some ramen noodles, cookies, a couple bananas and some fruity drinks and made it back to the coolness of my room. Now, a couple hours later it’s too cold in here and i can’t figure out how to turn the AC down or off and as well i can’t even figure out how to turn on the tv! Oh Woe is me. So i made a cuppa instant coffee and it helped and finally got the tv turned on manually as the remote must have a dead battery. Now i am sitting in bed in my pjs watching CNN and Trump is the topic once again and i just remembered that i forgot to ask the shop keeper if they had phone cards. I need to go home ASAP, the heat here is sapping my brain and it’s killing me.
Yes, Singapore is beautiful but go prepared for extreme heat and humidity.
I had read something that said don’t wear cotton in Singapore and i wondered even then what should you wear? Well, def not poly or nylon or anything synthetic i guess. What’s cooler than cotton? I think what it might have been all about was that a cotton blouse or tshirt is going to be all wet and sticking to you! Never did find out what would be best to wear and now it’s too late to find out. I def wore the wrong fabrics!

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