Saturday, February 6, 2010

Erosion Bundles

An artist in one of my yahoo groups mentioned a project that sounded like fun.....i clicked on the link and have been there ever since!  Well, this has just about consumed me.  This project spoke to me on many different levels and i knew i had to do it. I just LOVE this sort of thing.

Unfortunately, i was a month late finding out so i can't join the group involved. How did i ever miss this!?!
I blog surf alot and it and other cool projects abound. This years project was to be started in early Jan., the weathered bundle opened in April and the finished art uploaded in Aug.  So, i'll just do it for me and judge my timing according to the weather (read rain) but hopefully finish in Sept/Oct.

We had no snow this year and it isn't likely to happen now so theres just the sun, wind and rain and the possibility of my bundles getting too wet.  Havent found the place to put them yet but they are made and ready to start returning to nature. I'm going to take photos and upload them here for anyone interested to see at various stages. I'm hoping for colour and textural changes as well as anything contributed by birds or small animals that might join in.

These words are borrowed from Seth:

"The idea is simple. Create an artistic bundle made from materials of your choice and hang, bury, submerge or just place the bundle in the elements.
This collaboration is to be with the ultimate partner - Mother Nature herself"

Well, much like many of the other artists i too have always been drawn to the little things one sees on the street; a rusty washer or safety pin, string, pop caps, pennies, a worn out shredded old shoe lace, skeletonized leaves etc. In the past i've used lots of things like this in altered books and atc's, even scraps of peeled paint and worn faded bits of pkg'ing as well as an old favorite - lost shopping lists.

Yes, i do walk around with my head hung down. You can find lots of money in the mall this way too! I can spot a "penny from heaven" at 50 paces and last night i found a $5. poker chip on the floor of the casino.

You can read all about this years erosion bundle project as well as see last years disintegration collaboration bundles and the art created from the weathered items here:

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