Sunday, February 14, 2010


Tomorrows headlines today:

33 years in the running; 33 years waiting to win gold on our own soil:
we win a gold medal!

Alex Bilodeau, Canadian extraordinaire!

Alex did his country so proud today. The gold eluded us in 1976 in Montreal and 1988 in Calgary.  500 Canadians athletes have competed for this honor and today our Alex won!  This is the first Olympic gold medal ever won on Canadian soil, well, ummm, Canadian snow. 
Mogul skiing is a sport of free style skiing. It covers a bumpy course of 230 metres in about 25 seconds, or in 23.17 seconds as Alex did. Speeds of up to 65 km/hr and flying up to 20 metres in the air - the equivalent height of a 6 story building.

The drought is over and there was a collective sigh of relief heard throughout Canada.  Twenty two year old Alex was first a hockey player. He told the story of how he was at the rink one day, eating poutine, like a good Canadian kid, lol, when he made the decision to switch to free style skiing.  We are so glad he did!  Yayyyy Alex!!!!

Go Canada!!!!!


Lalala said...


Lorraina said...

Thank you Lalala, we've waited a long time for this!

Kate on Clinton said...

That was so exciting to watch! I can see from all the TV coverage and special features, you live is such a beautiful city and part of the world!

Lorraina said...

Thanks Kate i do love it here. But our weather is too mild for winter Olympics right now, not enough snow, and it keeps raining and melting what was there. Sunshine is predicted for the remainder of the week.
Isn't it crazy - plan the event for 7 yrs to be perfect but then its all up to the weather.