Sunday, April 18, 2010

First digital collage and more oranges

Out of the folds of woman

Maybe a little rough and uneven but now i know i can do this and will improve.  Thanks Dusty!Sooo much fun i didn't notice how long i played. One important thing i learned is to find or take photos that lend themselves easily to PS play.


Lalala said...

You are having so much fun!!

Lorraina said...

Probably will eventually learn the easy way to remove/exchange the backgrounds of images - its probably 1 or 2 quick steps, lol! but for now its learning from the ground up and out of all the fun comes a stiff neck and shoulders. Read hunched over erasing with various sized erasers for way too long. Boy do i need a massage.

Lalala said...

I like the way you learn.... trying and figuring things out on our own is the best!

Lorraina said...

Well, actually i've been opening and almost immediately closing PS for several years. I'd get discouraged and give up; it was just too hard and i never got anywhere without a lot of help. And then i'd forget how to do all that was done or what i was shown.

Now since i finally broke down and bought PS Elements i guess i got more serious about it; got my grandson Dustin to show me things and asked more questions, became less afraid of it and now its become a little easier. As well, this is a much more user friendly version.

Now that i know i can't break it i've become adventurous. The turning point was when i started using the filters; cool results instantly.
But i don't think i'll go very far in the PS art world as i no longer have the patience to be particular or to do the million steps that others will to make really nice art. I don't even use PS for photo resizing or organizing; it seems harder to me.

So i think my work is always going to be kind of rough or at least fairly simple. Some tutorials really do seem like theres a million steps involved and that just turns me off.

Like the 20's bathing beauty - another artist might clean the pic first,change the sky to a beautiful sunset, change the water, fix the lady alot better than what i was satisfied with, add text etc. etc.

I find that i'm impatient now and content to go with any result more quickly. Its quantity rather than quality for me now.

This is actually kind of odd for me as i was the opposite when doing real hands on collage. I mean like a neat freak. Go figure eh!

Thanks for commenting Lalala. Do you do any PShopping? Still cooking up a storm? I am going now to look for your recipe for pulled pork sandwiches to make tomorrow.

Lalala said...

I don't do much PS.... although I did notice the recent application got much more user friendly like you said.

pulled pork? did I make that? I don't remember....

Lorraina said...

Bob bought a whole piece of boneless pork shank, or leg, i forget, but he was impressed with the size and price - it was only $18.
So we cut 2 roasts and 7 chops from it. That seems like we're thrifty but of course that would only be if we can eat it.
Cooked the one roast in the oven at 325 degrees for a long time - 5 hours i think, with just seasoning salt sprinked on top. It looked ok and smelled good so i started pulling the meat off with a fork and made 2 sandwhiches. Added lettuce, mayo, mustard but it was a no go. The meat tasted funny. Now, theres been lots of times if Bob couldnt eat something i still can usually. But when i can't eat something then neither will he, and he won't even try.
He thinks that we were trying to make pulled pork with the wrong cut of meat. Maybe the one we froze should be roasted like the german way with sauerkraut and apples.
Now, as far as the 7 chops he cut - we're wondering now thats maybe not the usual place that chops are cut from so maybe they won't succeed as chops. So today he bought more chops, already cut at the butchers. Sometimes we do such nutty things!
But at least our daughter and gson will get this meat and make it edible.

Lalala said...

Shank/leg needs to be cooked with lots of liquid, braised or stewed.... otherwise it's tough and without flavor.
with the leftover chops, try browning some onions, carrots, garlic....etc, brown the chops too, add enough chicken stock (or water) to cover it. Braise it over stove top or in the oven for hours.

Lorraina said...

Thanks Lalala. That sounds good; i'll be braising chops tomorrow and i'll tell my daughter your recomendation on how to fix the other piece. But she usually does meat in a weird oven thingy that she bought from the shopping channel. I'll let you know how it goes.