Thursday, April 15, 2010

An old art piece and silly new digital fun pics

                                      This is an old re-worked piece i called Melting

                                     Can you guess or do you know what the next pic is?
Hubby loves them so he buys a bag once a week or two. I eat a couple of the black ones and thats it; i save up my for my sweet tooth to have chocolate.
The first pic was done with the liquify filter and i went wild "like a kid in the candy store" Liquify is one of my favourite filters to play with so i go overboard.
The 2nd pic was done with the filter craquelure. 

I've been experiencing a few scattered days lately, and i guess a little depressed too.  My brother passed away on Easter Sunday.  It wasn't totally unexpected, but still a shock. I feel sad but trying to fill my time with productive things but not having much luck with getting anywhere with anything much, and the least of all is Photoshop.... i heard that Elements was easy....not!  As you see i'm still playing with the filters!
I bought a couple of how to books but my concentration is so bad i just get upset and feel like i'll never learn. I've decided that all photoshop books do is show you things that can be done.  But not enough info to actually do it for this beginner.  I feel they've left out an important button and that's the OK button that would give me the ok to save what i did, or to move along into another technique without opening and closing the program a million times.
So i just play with the filters and its fun but i really have to and want to move on to something else soon.

When i tire of filters, blog surfing and tv i play the oldest Nintendo Super Mario game; circa about 1990 i think. Sold my wayyy too advanced for me Wii game and have gone back in time. Back in the day i could win and rescue the princess but now i'm stuck in world 3; went to world 4 a couple times but got beaten back. It never used to scare me but find this game sort of scares me now sometimes and leaves me breathless especially when swimming.  The bees in world 4 sure are giving me a terrible fright also. I guess thats what happens when you get old!
So my Marios' life has been in world 3 for wayyy too long and it's passed being fun; now it's just annoying.  Think i'll have to resort to looking up the cheats soon. And that's what happens if you quit playing for 20 yrs or so!

Also have my name on a waiting list for the old Legend of Zelda and looking forward to playing it and listening to its' haunting music. Back in the day i was only able to get to level 5, so not expecting to even meet or beat that.

My old chronic back problem (osteoarthritis) has returned so i'm spending time in bed watching tv again (hey Lalala we are watching the cooking shows but so far our food hasn't improved much) 

And we're in the playoffs, go Canucks!  I also need to get in shape soon as the hot rodding season is starting and i'd like to be a part of it. We have a '40 ford street rod that we show around the lower mainland of B.C. every summer.

Our little furkid Pavel is doing pretty good; at least not as constipated as i wrote earlier. Yayyy, the meds are working!  Also happy to say we have a recomendation for a good vet now just in case he gets bunged up again.

Some of you might remember that back in Feb. i made up a couple of erosion bundles and hung them out to decay/age. I was so enthusiastic back then but lately started to feel that it was a waste of good craft supplies and so i brought them in, dried them out and opened them today.
Anyhow they looked sort of like voodoo things and where i had them hanging wasn't very appropriate for the summer. So rather than find another location i decided to end my project.  I didn't actually join the group that was doing it, so nobody's the wiser but you and i. 
Well, there was a little rust, some mold and lot of fading but no transfers of dyes or interesting marks or damage.
Not that i was expecting fossils or petrifying or anything but guess 2 months really isn't enough time to erode anything significantly.

Well, thats about all i can think of right now here on the wet coast of Canada.


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Lalala said...

Good for you for watching the cooking show! :-)

So much had happened to you.... I am sorry to hear about your brother, but I am glad that you understand that's how life operates.

I had a friend who lost her father last week, on the same day another friend had a baby. That really made me accept the fact that people do come and go, it's important that we recognize that and celebrate when everyone is around.

Hope your back feels better.