Saturday, April 3, 2010

Learning Photoshop techniques one baby step at a time

I had a bowl of oranges and thought "well thats a good thing to start with.
Placed the oranges in bowl and took the picture.                                                                                                       Oranges with glowing edges
embossed Poster edges  

Pink neon glow


inverted pink neon glow

                                                                                   embossed orange (or was it plasticised?) 

Photoshop Elements is so much fun. These techniques were easy to do in the filters drop down menu. They're all just one layer....havent learned how to do multiple layers yet. Or cut or use masks or brushes and a million other things. I'm looking forward to making cool digital art eventually.
Sorry they won't stay in the order or the way i put them.                                                                                    

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Lalala said...

That is fun! You are so creative!