Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is happening in my garden

The wisteria has a million flower buds again this year and should be showing colour by next month. This big old plant is at least 30 yrs old and hubby keeps it at about 30 feet in length. At one time it had branches going both north and south and must have been 50 - 60 ft. long.  

Unfortunately it kept wanting to swirl and twirl and twine up into the big spruce tree and so the northern branch was removed. I'm sure it would have been uptown by now otherwise. Its only allowed to go south now. 

The south end always wants to get under our neighbors shed roof and even went into her shed once or can almost see it growing in the summertime and it still runs away on us once in a while.
I believe it would go all the way to Seattle if we didn't keep an eye on it.

This species tulip groups nearby
The tree peony is showing a little pink. The flower will be almost dinnerplate size in no time

Mid way through the garden is a pearl bush; a rare and old  small shrub
You can see the new little pearls and last years black pearl
Near the far end of my garden is the deliciously fragrant Viburnum Caresii.
Why oh why did i plant it so far away!

Near or almost in the upper pond is this plant. Yellow is not my favourite colour in flowers or in any way so don't remember why i planted it where, from the patio it looks like dandelion, up closer it looks like common buttercup.....
But it thrives there so i let it be.



Bunnym said...

So beautiful....I especially love Wisteria. Tried to grow it but with no luck so I give up!
Please post pics when it blooms.

Have a good one!


Lorraina said...

Yes, wisteria can be hard to get going but once it does watch out! Mine took 7 yrs after planting until it bloomed and has never let me down since.
Theres so many wonderful named varieties available now that have blooms that are extremely long, some are fragrant, and most have a much better colour than mine.
Well, mine is quite pale but thats ok cuz its so florific. You should try one again, make sure its on a strong support and train it well. We cut the new growth spurts down to just one bud every summer/fall.

Lalala said...

Very pretty!!!