Monday, February 8, 2010

My grandson Brandon holding the Olympic torch

This torch is as yet unlit as you can see. The runner was on his way with the flamed one to light this one up and continue the journey via White Rock and across the U.S. border slightly then on to Richmond then into Vancouver. This was the first time in history the Olympic flame has been carried into another country. 
One of my daughters went to the ceremony at Holland park, near her home. She said there was about 30 thousand people there to see it and the lighting of the cauldren.
The excitement is starting!


Lalala said...

Yay!!! Finally, I was a bit worried because there was no news about it or even snow.... my friend at YVR said the figure skaters had arrived which attracted a lot of media. Yay! things are starting to happen.

Lorraina said...

Yes, alot of the athletes arrived yesterday and some of the judges; about 1000 total and more coming today.
Of all years to get no snow eh!!! But theres lots in the interior and they're trucking it down.