Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesdays wonderful women

A four medal day for Canada!

One of Canadas most beloved athletes Clara Hughes won the bronze medal in 5000 metre long track speed skate

Clara has accomplished the amazing feat of winning 4 winter olympic medals (speed skating)and 2 summer olympic medals (cycling) two entirely different disciplines. Whaddahh woman!  Yay Clara!

Then we finished 1 and 2 in the womens bobsleigh event. They insist on calling  it a 2 man sleigh but it isn't. It was 2 women in a 2 woman sleigh. 2 different teams of 2 women each winning gold and silver.

Then in womens short track Korea disqualified which moved China into the gold spot, Canada to silver and the U.S. to bronze.                            

Team Canada whupped the Russians 7 - 3

This is our goalie; my hero - Roberto Luongo


Lalala said...

My friend Paul who volunteers at the Olympic just saw the figure skaters' practice. he said we will see some excellent performance. Can't wait.

Lorraina said...

oh Lalala sorry i didn't see your comment earlier. Yes, figure skate is my fav. after hockey of course. Do you skate?
Your friend is wonderful to do the volunteering, i bet he's having a blast!

Lalala said...

I don't skate... but I like watching it. I especially like to watch the re-runs because I get so worried that they might fall!
Yes my friend is having a great time.... he said some nice Korean girl and her coach talked to him 3 days ago, but he didn't know who they were. It turned out to be the cute gold medal girl! haha.