Wednesday, April 21, 2010

20's bathing beauty goes to Alaska

Another practice piece. Removing around the outside of the woman was hard enough but then the little cracks of daylight had to be erased with a tiny eraser. And of course lots of whoopsies and having to go back and fix. Finally i was satisfied and saved it.

Thats when i noticed all the dirty marks on the sky.

Turns out it was a poor pic to use because the dirty sky is actually a dirty window. I took this pic from the restaurant on our cruise to Alaska almost a year ago and didn't even notice the stained window. Probably one should clean the dirt off in the original image first and then go ahead and add other images.



Lalala said...

lol.... I didn't notice the dirty sky until you pointed it out!!

Lorraina said...

After all the effort of erasing her original bckgrd i wanted to show it anyhow so thats why it made it a small pic. It was when i enlarged it that the dirty window was really evident. So, no enlarging,lol!