Sunday, April 25, 2010

Regular pic and same pic changed. Is it ruined or made better?

Mexican orange flower is a nice natural pic. Mexican orange flowers with poster edges on a gradient background is a colourful art pic.

Its all in the eye of the beholder i guess.  I like both versions and think theres a time and a place for both. Maybe because its still so new and awesome to be able to do these kinds of things.
Quince flower with ladybug is a nice pic.
Quince flower with ladybug with posterized edges is an odd thing but in a good way nice pic.

The neat thing is that with Photoshop techniques the volume can be turned up or down as one feels in that moment. In creating real art i rarely use bright colours or hard lines or edges prefering to remain the pastel queen and my fav projects were the ones titled something like "white on white" and i'd turn every project into at least "all pale"
Now here i am all of a sudden enjoying making these rather garish pictures and wonder why is this?
Am i still changing and growing after all these years?


Bunnym said...

Your right...all in the eye of the beholder...I love them all. I'm a natural kinda gal, but I can see the beauty in the others.


Lalala said...

LOVE the intense color.... I want to use that fabric to make a little skirt to dance samba!!

Lorraina said...

ahhh Lalala, yes! you should make that perfect little samba skirt and go dancing with the stars.

Lorraina said...

Hey Bunny thanks! i appreciate your comment. While i do like them both right now i think in a while i might get to not liking them so much at all. Especially the lady bug one because nature is so awesome without interference.

The colourful one seems like a totally different thing, like the way Lalala sees it as a good fabric for a dancing skirt.

A Plain Observer said...

we should always grow...
I like the one with the lady bug! and did you say Quince??? my daughter chose to have a quince instead of a sweet sixteen. Aghhhh so great

Lorraina said...

Hi Myriam, thanks for the visit and comment. Is a sweet sixteen a rose? I'm not sure what is meant; did she choose a quince plant over a sweet sixteen party.
Sorry for being so dense tonight, i am still up way too late....