Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sept. 10. At sea somewhere in the Baltic

Got up rather early-ish and went for breakfast in the buffet and then played trivia with my new friends Pam and Vivian and their husbands. There were 24 questions asked, very hard questions....i only got ONE correct but the rest of my team got 14. The papers are passed to a neighbour for marking and the team whose paper we got had 7 1/2  correct; some teams got 0 and everything in between and one team claimed 23 and won the coveted prize of a Princess lanyard, lol! There's always knowledgable people at these things; they must brush up on trivia questions but most just go for the fun as the prizes are usually notoriously tacky. I just hope to remember some of the stuff i hear! I then shopped jewelry and saw some awesome pieces but didn't buy anything. My plan is to keep an eye on something and if it's still there on the last day of the cruise it can be had for 50% off. I went to the Gelato store to see if they had apple gelato today but they didn't so i tried Nutella and it was very good. I then headed to the art gallery only to find the auction was being held at the opposite end of the ship....way too far to walk so i went into the casino instead. Bad choice; it took my $20. again! This was not my day! I then went to the pool deck to see if i could walk the Seawalk. My first attempt was over before it really began and i had to sit awhile to build up my courage. Second try.....i made it! Not only all the way across but back as well. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

I went to the buffet for lunch and the soup i ate was Greek and lemony and very tasty. I meant to get another bowl of it but got sidetracked by all the rest of the goodies. I am easily sidetracked by such an awesome selection of delectable eats! I watched the sea and sky for awhile hoping to see whales or dolphins as others have but again it wasn't my day. I then went to the cabin for a little nap which is something i do not do at home but i am very tired from not getting enough sleep on this cruise.
Later we went to a fondue dinner with salads first then sausages, chicken and vegetables and bread and the fondue was a tasty champagne cheese sauce. Desert was fresh strawberries, pineapple, apple slices, mini cream puffs, and marshmallows all to be dipped in melted chocolate.

Meanwhile we passed under the bridge that spans Sweden and Norway and seeing that was pretty cool. I had also observed earlier while we were eating a submarine that was there one minute and gone the next. We went back to our cabin and got our coats and went to the pool deck to watch the musical Watercolor show. We were given blankets to keep us warm and i settled into a chaise lounge and got comfy. The show started on the "largest movie screen on the seas" and first up was Michael Jackson singing some of his best. The dancing waters was skillfully co-ordinated with the music. Then suddenly it seemed to end and most of the people left. We waited for awhile because tonights show had been advertised as including a little of all the previous shows and so i was expecting to see Elvis, Elton John, Celine etc. but no more artists were featured so i think they were experiencing technical difficulties. It was too windy and cold to hang around to find out so we departed too.

 Princess Live Studio

                      Keep an eye on the machine on the right; it's going to pay off soon!

                           Poker isn't doing me any favours so i'm down to playing for pennies.
                                         Art around the ship on walls or in the art gallery

 Dance class
            This is Stephanie, i forget her partners name. Steph is an Aussie and is the trivia hostess
            with the mostest as well as the best dance instructor.

If you're interested in seeing a cabin that was not ours but very similar please click here for a short youtube video


Linda G. said...

I would gain so much weight on a cruise...so much good food! I looked at the video of the room...nice accommodations.

Lorraina said...

I always think I'll gain but for some reason I never do. It must be all that walking. And of course there's a gym and swimming pools and dancing if that'll help.