Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sept. 25 at sea

Slept in and skipped i getting to be like the man I talked to in the Lido a few days ago who said he was sick and tired of food and he'd had it with all the, don't think that'll ever happen to me especially on this ship as it has the most awesome food and every dish known to womankind and i love experiencing all of it! So off we go for lunch and what do i see but carrot soup, yum,  fennel salad, yum yum, couscous, yum again, Virginia ham, YUM, all sorts of chicken and turkey and many types of seafood inc. oysters, jumbo prawns, lobster, shrimp, very big Norwegian salmon....yum!.... now that salmon looks different and deserves a taste i thought...and soon there were a million more things to eat but no more space on my plate. You just couldn't possibly sample all the goodies they put out, it's truly amazing. Then as i ate i saw a passenger walk by with an enormous bowl of the biggest blueberries ever and as it turned out i didn't like Norwegian salmon very much anyhow and so i headed for the blueberries and what do i also find but beautiful juicy fresh raspberries as well and clotted cream, sour cream, whipped cream, ice cream, you name it cream. Now not wanting to go back to the original table where someone might remember me and know that i already ate lunch (as if anyone cares!) i found a new table and started on my second round  and nobody was the wiser except some might have taken me for a health food nut as i scarfed down those delicious fresh berries. I wonder where Princess got them but i think Nova Scotia is a good bet. Ahhh, the buffet on Regal can't be beat for amazing excellent food and tons of it all beautifully prepared and decorated and served to the masses for free! Then would you believe as i staggered out i grabbed a plate of half chocolate/half white cookies to eat in the cabin too. I didn't get a pic of any of this bounty because there were too many people and i feel it's sort of like an invasion of their privacy. I wouldn't want a a stranger snapping pics of me loading up or shovelling in all those calories either. So here's some misc. pics
                                           Does it get any better than couscous and turkey?
                                                       Yes!  Fennel salad and carrot soup
                Dogone blasted bad luck again. Jack of spades would have paid $2000. plus change
                                           Good old Cleopatra gave me the mystery bonus

                                                             Bread baked fresh 3 x daily

                                                             Dancing with the stars

                                                             Entrance to a night club
                                                       This was in Kristiansand
                                                 Always big beautiful floral arrangements

                                                                  At the art auction

Good night

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This post made me hungry. I haven't had my breakfast yet!