Monday, October 26, 2015

Sept. 23, at sea

I was so lazy this morning didn't get up until after 11a.m. which annoyed me because i love breakfasts on a ship, any ship, all ships, and especially on the Regal! I puttered around for awhile and then went to the art auction. I got a bid card even though i had no intention of bidding but that's what you have to do in order to get in on the raffle and a glass of champagne. Well, they were so slow starting i was bored but worse i was cold and getting colder and the AC just kept blasting away. Finally there was a little excitement with the bidding over the ornamental giraffe and it was sold to a lucky person for $29,000.

Then i couldn't handle being cold anymore and had to walk out before i died of hypothermia or exposure to A.C. I went to the Piazza, settled down and ordered a shrimp salad and a Greek salad which both came served on the same saucer! Lol, i kid you not; see pic:

Well, it looks ok seeing it now but at the time I thought it was ridiculously tiny I also had a piece of carrot cake and a mixed fruit tart! Still hungry i debated on whether or not to go to the Lido and that's when the flashing lights of the casino caught my eye so in i went, hoping to win back the $100. i had lost on their slots during this cruise. Here's what happened next on a penny machine that i'd never played before.....
It was so exciting, lots of flashing lights and loud game sounds, explosions and coins raining down and so forth as i kept getting more and more free spins. It all took quite a long time as it added by the penny but i kept hitting the paying symbol and when all was said and done i walked out with $630. in good ol' U.S. cash money!  I got my investment back and then some and i think i was warmed up by then, at least i don't remember feeling cold anymore.
                                                         It all began with 1 free game

                                         it's all blurry because of so much action happening
                                                                 still adding up
                                                                   not finished yet

                                                               more free games
                                                                       still adding
                                                 and eventually my luck ran out at 630.85

In the evening we went and claimed our seats in the Piazza for the formal farewell party with Captain John Foster and to watch our fav rhumba dancers and then Nexus and the big band era and dancing. The Captain gave a nice speech from deck 7 above the Piazza and then our dinner pager went off so we headed for the dining room for our lobster and prawn dinner. We shared our table with a couple from Prince Edward Island and a couple from San Francisco then went back to the Piazza for awhile. Things were slow developing there so i went back into the casino to see if it was still my lucky day and Lady Luck smiled down on me and gave me another $200. I then headed to Baja deck eleven and cabin umber B439 with an idea to start packing but the idea was as far as that went.


Linda G. said...

Hooray you won a nice chunk of money at the casino. We have never been that lucky during our casino visits.

Lorraina said...

You'll win sometime soon Linda; it'll happen all of a sudden when you least expect it. Thanks for commenting.