Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sept 19, at sea

After a miserable night with my sore back I got up and hobbled to the Lido for brunch and then to the  Princess Live Theatre to watch a cooking demo. I was an hour early because I forgot to turn my watch back an hour so i shot the breeze with Josephine, a friendly bartender who creates awesome mocktails. Afterwards when I got up to walk i couldn't straighten up, my back was so stiff and sore so I returned to my cabin where i slept for 3 hours! It was a little better after that so I went for dinner in the Lido then to the Piazza to listen to the band Nexus and watch my favourite dancers. There's "Sexy Hair" and "The Argentinian" also known as "Dancing With The Stars", "Charo" and her ever smiling husband from L.A., a very cool Oriental couple who dance up a storm every evening at age 95 and an elderly couple of which the husband has Parkinsons but he dances like nobodies watching and it's with pleasure i watch to see him dancing every night with a glass of wine in one hand and his ever lov'in wife on the other. They all know how to have a blast!
I managed to get to the casino for awhile and i discovered a couple of four game penny slots that i liked. I was able to play on them longer than i've been able to stick with poker but in the end my $20. had disappeared as usual so i hobbled back to the cabin and called it a day. We are rocking and rolling tonight, speeding through the Atlantic Ocean @ 20+ knots in the pouring rain with a lot of creaking/tapping/ banging/slamming noises throughout the night. I know better than to look outside as this speed is very frightening, especially on a stormy night.

Did you know?.....that the idea for Princess Cruises came about because there wasn't enough hotel space on Seattle during the 1962 Worlds fair? Local businessman Stanley McDonald thought of a unique way to solve the problem and in the process he started a cruiseline and made history.

                                                                  Turnip carved flowers               


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Linda G. said...

I hoe that your back feels better soon, so you can have a meeting enjoyable voyage.