Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sept. 11 Copenhagen, Denmark

I'm back in Copenhagen where i started my cruise 12 days ago. Lots of passengers disembarked as they had been on an 11 night Baltic cruise. New passengers came onboard to take their place  for the next week and some of them will depart in Ireland if they're on a 7 day cruise, otherwise they will stay for the next 2 weeks until we land in New York and then depart there with us. No doubt there's people who will stay on the ship after N.Y. for the 10 day New England portion as well as on to the next cruise after that which will be the Caribbean and this beautiful ship will continue to go on and on for lots of lucky cruisers.

The 3 hour city bus tour was nice, i saw the famous little mermaid and lots of interesting buildings, monuments and statues. There's lots of bikes in this city and some are fitted with a person carrier either on the back or front, like a chair of sorts but not necessarily for a child as i saw some carrying elderly adults. The city was very clean and all vehicles looked nice and newish. Some of the boats docked along the canal were older, even some high riggers but no junk is allowed on the shoreline as the law requires all watercraft must be manned and able to move immediately upon request.

Upon return to the ship i was directed into the wrong lineup amidst all the new passengers coming aboard and had to go through immigration all over again including filling out a report of recent illness's and showing my passport. Believe me if you get into the wrong lineup when boarding a ship there's no going back; you have to go along with it, showing your credentials and explaining many, many times at the various checkpoints. They always say to take your passport when going ashore and i always do which made it quicker and easier for me but still a pain in the butt.
Later i went to the pastry shop for my lunch of a couple of nice cakes/slices and i bought a coffee card and broke it in with a mocha frapp. I went to Trivia Around the World which was pictures of various locations and it was a lot easier than the reg.trivia. I got 40 correct out of a total of 48 but that score was beaten by several people and some who cruise a lot got all 48 correct. I watched dance class for awhile then drifted into the casino where i lost my moola once again so i slunk back to my cabin with head hung down. That's it for me; i gave them a chance but if they still want to be tight that's fine but they owe me and i won't invest  anymore into it until the place is full of people and alive with sounds and flashing lights. I'm betting it'll happen on our trans Atlantic voyage.

The famous Little Mermaid of Copenhagen

 The famous Tivoli Gardens which we didn't get to go in
                          The weather girl. If she's out riding her bike it'll be a nice day.

Did you know? The Princess Cruises seawitch logo first debuted in 1967. Prior to that the Princess logo was a character with a sombrero painted on the stack due to Mexico - focused itineraries.

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Linda G. said...

Wow! You are going across the Atlantic to New York!